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Botched Ink® Celebrates our First Year

January 14, 2020


13th January 2020 was officially one year since the launch of Botched Ink® Saline Tattoo Removal for microblading and permanent makeup, and our first training course in London, UK

One year on:

  • We’ve crossed the pond!
  • Distributor HYVE Beauty in North America joined the family
  • We have over 220 technicians, trained to remove bad eyebrow tattoos, microblading and permanent makeup.  They're around the world !
  • We have 8 Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal trainers in the UK, with more coming on board in America and Canada
  • We’ve launched an in-depth saline removal online training course (check out our reviews)
  • Botched Ink® won the Industry Innovation award at Micropigmentation UK, judged a winner by leaders in the industry
  • We’ve got Botched Ink® Trademarked in the UK, Europe and USA with Canada pending
  • We’re receiving amazing Before & After photos of microblading and permanent makeup saline tattoo removal results from our trained techs. Botched Ink® truly is salt and saline tattoo removal reinvented
  • Most importantly, we’ve loved every minute of watching Botched Ink® grow in the last year!

Thank you to every person that has trained with us, purchased Botched Ink® saline removal solution, or even supported us on social media, we really appreciate it

If you’re thinking of training in saline tattoo removal, why not take a look at Botched Ink®, and join us in all we’ll be achieving over the next year

For information on the Botched Ink® product visit Botched Ink®

For before and after pictures visit Before & After Photos

For information on training with us visit UK Technicians or Rest of World Technicians 

For information on becoming a trainer visit Become a Trainer

And finally to visit a Botched Ink® Saline Tattoo Removal Technician near you, visit Find a Local Technician 

You can also like us on Facebook: and follow us on Instagram @botchedink to stay up to date with the latest news!

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