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Needle Depth for Tattoo Removal

February 12, 2020

Machine techs all work differently. I like to work with a long needle, my needle may be out 2-3mm and I work on the tip of the needle. It's a bit of a balancing act when you first start working with a long needle, but you'll be able to respond more instinctively to the depth you need to work at, as you start to read the skin and understand where the pigment needs to sit

I know a lot of machine techs are taught to work with their needle out at a fixed depth, I was taught to work with the needle out the depth of a dime (officially 1.35mm). But you really can't see where the needle is when you're working, pigment and plastic get in the way, thus I typically used to make brows smaller than I'd drawn. Importantly, relying on the plastic is stopping you from learning needle depth. It's quite a brave move changing from a fixed depth needle to a long needle, but I urge you to convert

Botched Ink Saline Tattoo removal training online course webinar microblading permanent makeup

When I'm asked how far to put out the needle for tattoo removal, the answer is: I can't answer, because skin and the depth pigment has been implanted varies so much. And when you're looking at old grey brows, that pigment is likely to be black and implanted very deeply. If you're not used to adjusting your depth as you're working, or are more used to skimming the surface doing ombre brows or light shading, I promise you, you're not working effectively for tattoo removal

Teach your eyes to read skin and pigment depths, then you'll be able to work quite instinctively, and not even think about needle depth

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