Botched Ink saline tattoo removal technician of the week Sister Brows Liverpool

Our Technicians - Introducing Liz Parkes Foley (UK)

February 06, 2020

At Botched Ink® we love to celebrate all our amazing technicians, and we'd like to introduce you to Liz Parkes Foley of Sister Brows, Liverpool, UK

Liz owns Sister Brows with her twin sister Helen, they cover everything brows: Microblading, removal, henna brows, brow lamination as well as lash lifts and Liz is a Million Dollar Facial Platinum Tech.

Liz and her sister began their journey with Sister Brows 5 years ago, with Liz coming from a 35+ years background in the hair and beauty industry, having owned a salon in Amsterdam, and felt she needed a new challenge. Her sister Helen was looking for a new career as she was coming away from teaching so they both trained in Microblading and joined forced to begin their business.

Liz wanted to learn how to help clients who were coming for consultations with botched tattooed eyebrows, that obviously couldn’t be helped by a cover up. Liz found Lisa Henning while Lisa was still training in generic Salt and Saline Tattoo Removal, Liz didn’t want to train in laser removal so took Lisa’s training to begin offering removal.

When Botched Ink® was then launched we invited Liz to retrain with us. Liz loves the product and says being able to offer lightening and removal of clients unwanted eyebrows is so satisfying and Botched Ink® is her favourite treatment to do!

If you’re in Liverpool and in need of permanent makeup lightening or removal or any of the other services Liz provides, take a look at her pages and get in touch:

Instagram: @sister_brows_1

Facebook: Sister Brows 1 


If you want to become a Botched Ink® Technician or even a Trainer all the information can be found at

If you need removal but are too far from Liz, all our Botched Ink® Technicians can be found at Find a Local Technician Map

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