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Our Technicians (& Trainer) - Introducing Tricia Cumisky (UK)

January 11, 2020

At Botched Ink® we love to celebrate all our amazing technicians, and we'd like to introduce you to Tricia Cumisky of Boss Brows, Bolton, UK

Tricia is a multi-award winning artist that has been working in the permanent makeup industry for roughly 5 years. Tricia is fully qualified in all aspects of permanent makeup, both machine and manual, as well as Dry Tattooing and areola reconstruction tattooing. Of course Tricia is also a fully certified Botched Ink® Technician and one of our trainers as well!

Tricia prides herself on industry knowledge and providing the best possible treatments, she is constantly advancing her skill set and keeping up to date with the industry, attending new training courses to ensure she is at the top of her game.

Tricia decided she wanted to learn microblading and permanent makeup tattoo removal about 3 and half years ago, she initially trained in another product and learnt loads about removal by being a busy hands on technician. Tricia wanted to convert to Botched Ink® and came on one of our launch events in January 2019, and has continued her journey in the world of removing botched tattoos and PMU with us.

Unfortunately it has to be said, not all training in our industry is good, leaving poorly trained technicians working on clients, creating less than desirable work.  Having found Botched Ink® and loving the way we run our training, Tricia knew she wanted to train for us. Tricia was proudly our first Official Botched Ink® Trainer, other than Lisa Henning (developer of Botched Ink®), and has taught many students how to use our product. Tricia also provides training for other areas of PMU.

So in summary Tricia is here to help you no matter what you need (to an extent!); she can perform wonders on your brows, removing old permanent makeup and replacing with her own lovely work, she can help to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks with the Dry Tattooing technique, she’s there if you are looking for areola reconstruction and to top it all off she’s a trainer so can teach you how to be just as amazing as her!

If you need Tricia’s help take a look at her pages and get in touch:

Instgram: @bossbrowsltd



If you too want to become a Botched Ink® Technician or Trainer all the information can be found at

If you need removal but aren't near Tricia, Botched Ink® Technicians from around the world can be found at

Lisa taught Tricia Dry Tattooing.  If you'd like to learn how to improve scars and stretch marks, you can learn as well

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