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Why use Botched Ink® Saline Tattoo Removal ?

January 23, 2020

Why use Botched Ink® Saline Tattoo Removal ? 

  1. Botched Ink® is gentle during treatment.
  • Even though this is a salt and saline removal it is not the literal effect of “rubbing salt in the wound”
  • The ingredients in Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal have be formulated to result in a product that only gives a mild sting which disappears very quickly, there is no lingering burn or sting
  1. Botched Ink® penetrates deeper than your needle.
  • The ingredients in Botched Ink® result in the solution being drawn into the skin and this happens more easily than you would think
  • Thanks to this you don’t have to work as hard – there is no need to over work the skin to achieve the desired result of lightening or removal
  1. Botched Ink® has a very high concentration of Aloe Vera.
  • The high concentration of Aloe Vera is used for its healing properties
  • This aids in the quick healing of the area treated using Botched Ink® Saline Tattoo Removal and can sometimes help the tattoo look better during healing!
  1. Botched Ink® makes the skin bleed.
  • This one sounds a little scary but it’s true the ingredients in Botched Ink® make the skin bleed
  • This allows us to let the blood do the work!
  • The bleeding helps to lift the pigment to the surface of the skin which will then form a scab and fall off meaning that pigment has been removed
  1. Botched Ink® acts as a vascular constrictor.
    • The ingredients in Botched Ink® have been chosen as they help to stem the flow of blood from us making the skin bleed
    • This quick stemming of the blood helps to stop the treated area from getting too messy and causing contamination
    • It also means that the area dries quickly to assist in the healing process
  2. Botched Ink® dries the skin quickly.
  • Due to Botched Ink® being a vascular constrictor and drying out the skin quickly it means the bodies natural healing response doesn’t have chance to kick in
  • This means we get: a thin scab, minimal inflammation, minimal irritation and minimal risk of infection
  1. Botched Ink® has a pH of around 5.5
  • We’ve told you Botched Ink® is gentle during treatment and this is because the pH of Botched Ink® closely resembles the pH of healthy skin (between 4.5 and 5.75) which is slightly acidic and this results in only a mild sting during treatment.
  1. Botched Ink® comes in single use sachets.
  • Botched Ink® is the only saline tattoo removal product on the market that comes in single use sachets.
  • We use single use sachets for ultimate hygiene – no contamination between clients and no drying out of the product
  • We use single use sachets because it is cost effect – a pack of 10 is £30 meaning 1 sachet is £3, this one sachet completes a set of brows, we couldn’t make the price any better!
  • We use single use sachets because it limits the size of the area you can effectively treat per session – 1 sachet = 1 pair of brows.
  1. If we have convinced you by telling you all about the way Botched Ink® is formulated, then here are some more reasons:
  • Botched Ink® is the fastest growing removal product on the market
  • Botched Ink® is an award-winning product
  • Botched Ink® training comes highly recommended by previous students
  • Botched Ink® opens your business to a whole new world of clients that need removal
  • Botched Ink® isn’t just training and a product we are creating a team and we will support you from day one until forever!
  • Botched Ink® will promote you as an Approved Technician via our social media and on the “Find a Local Technician Map”
  • Botched Ink® is only going to get bigger and better do you really want to miss this opportunity?

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