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With special thanks to Terry Lively, the owner and trainer at Lively Ink, for introducing you to Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal.  Let me show the training courses we offer, enabling you to join our wonderful team of technicians, based all around the world.  Please also take a browse around the website, you'll meet me, Lisa Henning the owner and developer of Botched Ink®, see lots of before and after photos, and meet the team of existing techs on our Find a Local Technician map

New to Removal:  We have the Online Training course, plus the option to have the additional support when working on your first client or model on one of our live Zoom trainer events

Existing Removal Techs:  If you think you know saline, thank again !  Botched Ink® really is saline removal reinvented, to understanding what's so different about the product and the different method required, we'd love you to officially join the team on our Online Training course.  The course is for all levels of technicians, and I'm sure that if you don't learn something new, you'll at least have a new way of thinking about saline for tattoo removal

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