Botched Ink Rewards

Earn 10% for Recommending our Training, Plus Bonuses!

Our Affiliate Program

When a student or fellow technician uses your exclusive coupon code, they get a discount on our training, and you earn 10% commission plus a twice yearly bonus**

Example message and banner on your website:

Botched Ink Training

Use my coupon code XXXXXX to get a discount off your course! *

Fellow technicians, are you looking to bring this essential skill to your clients? Botched Ink is the best solution for bad or unwanted microblading, permanent makeup PMU and eyebrow tattoo removal. Botched Ink is an award winning saline tattoo removal solution, exclusively available to trained techs, click the banner for loads more information

Click the banner to find out more and book your training now! 

Botched Ink saline microblading removal training

* The coupon code value changes depending on the course booked

Techs who want to train with us use your coupon code to get a discount when they purchase a Botched Ink training course from our website. The coupon code is added at checkout, revealing the discount

All coupon codes are valid against training around the World, the discount varies depending which course they are booking

We have affiliates to attract new technicians to Botched Ink. So many techs will look at your website, Instagram and Facebook pages

These techs might not have heard of Botched Ink before, so you add new reach to our audience, and that’s why we pay you 10% commission for each person that buys Botched Ink training using your coupon code!

Where to use your code

Website – Add a Botched Ink page on your website and promote your coupon code. You'll have lots of Affiliate Resources available including text and banners

Instagram – Tag @botchedink and mention your code gives a discount on training. If you use or similar link pages, make a link to our website and add the code on the button link

Facebook – Tag @botchedink and the website and mention your code gives a discount on training

Facebook Groups - If you own a Facebook group you can post your code in there too, but you must NOT post any codes in the industry Facebook groups. If someone messages you about removal share you code by Messenger, we just don't want the groups spammed

Email – If you’re a trainer or supplier you can send out a Botched Ink promotional email sharing the coupon code. We can help you with additional info to get the best results from this option

Promotion Resources

We're growing our Affiliate Resources over next few months, this means there's lots more goodies to come! Affiliates currently get social media posts with their personal coupon code, and we've a group where new posts are regularly dropped!

** There's Bonuses Available too!

In addition to the 10% commission we pay a twice yearly bonus! If your coupon code brings us 6 new students in a six month period, you'll earn even more! Full details are available on our Affiliate Messenger

Commission Payout

We use PayPal Payouts to pay affiliate commissions. Log in to your affiliate account and add your PayPal email address, or let us know if you have any difficulties

You get an email each time someone purchases training using your coupon code, and commission payments are made by request. Please note there's a 2% deduction on payments to cover PayPal's fees

How to Join Botched Ink Rewards?

You can sign up here!

We look forward to getting to know you more, and rewarding your love and loyalty to Botched Ink

Thanks, Lisa

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