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Updated 27th April 2021

Who is a Botched Ink® Trainer 

Botched Ink® trainers are selected from our officially trained removal techs

A Botched Ink® trainer is:

  • Available.  It's important that our trainers have time to be trainers.  Technicians with booked out diaries will find it harder to develop their Botched Ink® training business
  • An experienced permanent makeup or microblading technician with at least 3 years full time experience, or longer if part time
  • An experienced removal technician with at least 2 years removal experience
  • New to training in tattoo removal.  We do insist our trainers teach our removal method, not one they've developed themselves or with other trainings.  Existing training experience is not necessary, enthusiasm and keenness to learn is much more important
  • A team player, promoting Botched Ink® on their website and social media pages, understanding that their reach is far beyond those that contact them.  Via their affiliate link, trainers will get students who want to book specifically with them, or with any other Botched Ink® trainer, with different dates, different locations, and different availability

Worldwide (non-UK) Trainers

There are no upfront costs to be a Worldwide (non-UK) Botched Ink® trainer, the only thing we require from you is time.  We'll offer you all the help you need to learn how to run a Botched Ink® event

  • Trainers run the model events, practical and Q&As
  • Theory and demo online training with Lisa
  • Official Botched Ink® trainers have an Independent Trainer Agreement with us
  • We take the students payment and book them on the online part of the training and subsequent model class.  Trainers invoice us for their fee
  • All Botched Ink® certificates are provided by us, trainers cannot provide their own certificates


Live In Person Training

In person training is a full or half day class, with students hands on working on at least one model (half day) or more.  Trainers must have insurance to cover their training.  Trainers can run classes in different areas from their home location (except UK)

  • One trainer to a maximum 4 students, or team up with another official trainer to run larger classes
  • No exclusivity on area, this would require a franchise which we are not offering
  • Payment and price of course to be confirmed
  • Plus 15% of the course price for students referred via affiliate link.  A trainer affiliate can earn on students they don't personally train, encouraging trainers to be team players

Promoting Botched Ink Training

Botched Ink® trainers are also affiliates, promoting all our trainers.  Focusing on yourself and all other Botched Ink® trainers grows the reach of the brand beyond local.  Just think how many potential students visit your website or social medial pages, yet never contact or book with you

Affiliate Program:  Using your affiliate link, you can add a banner and links to your website and social media pages.  You can also recruit other affiliates and earn a referral commission on top of any business they refer.  Sign up to the Affiliate Program 

  • Trainer affiliate earns 15%
  • Referred affiliate earns 10%, you earn 5%

Students you refer can book on any Botched Ink course, not just yours, this means your reach as a trainer is fully utilised, locally and more widespread than could ever travel to you i.e different country, city or state

You'll earn commission on the course initially booked, this can be the online course, or the model class via Zoom or in person.  If a student books the online course and decides to upgrade training at a later date, you'll get paid on the initial purchase

Who can you recruit as an affiliate:  Industry suppliers, influencers, training companies.  For example industry suppliers can pop a leaflet advertising Botched Ink in each order, and you'd both earn from any sales

Affiliate Marketing:  We hold workshops or podcasts to share information and tips on how to grow your affiliate business, with simple ideas and strategies

Social Media:  You can only use affiliate links on pages you own.  It is very important that affiliate links are not posted in any industry Facebook groups, this is not the type of content we want to promote

If you can add value with comments about Botched Ink in the industry Facebook groups, and if the person asks you for more information, you can direct them to your website where you promote Botched Ink.  You should have a banner and link with your affiliate code leading to the Botched Ink website.  This is a much warmer lead, as the person has had contact with you and wants to find out more

Botched Ink has done very well from the Facebook groups, we don't want to loose this with affiliates spamming links

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