Where to buy Botched Ink®

27th February 2021

Only Official Botched Ink® techs can purchase Botched Ink® 

Once you've taken our official Botched Ink® training course, you'll know the method we advise, the healing and aftercare. You'll also know the sheer volume of information we share on the course, enabling you to be the very best Botched Ink® removal technician, getting the best results for your clients

Why no Distributors ?

There's 2 reasons

  • Botched Ink® has very quickly become the saline tattoo removal brand existing removal techs are wanting to use
  • The number of trainers offering generic Saline Tattoo Removal training has grown immensely, leaving their students looking for products to use

Unfortunately it can't be the responsibility of distributors to vet who is an official Botched Ink® technician or not, it has to be ours.  We need to protect the investment of our students and the reputation of our brand

Once you've completed the Botched Ink® course you'll be able to join our Official Botched Ink® Facebook Support Group.  There you'll see the assistance we still give Botched Ink® techs, clarifying the correct method, blotting and soaking enough, using the correct needle, needle depth and aftercare

Think of all the techs who take a generic saline tattoo removal course, or training in another brand with completely different ingredients that require a different method and healing approach... How will they know enough about using Botched Ink® and have no access to our support ?  Botched Ink® Ingredients

As a Botched Ink® tech, your account on our shop will be tagged, so you don't need to add any extra info to order.  If you previously checked out as a guest, you will now need to open an account

Where is Stock, and how quickly will I get it ?

Botched Ink® can be purchased directly from us, we currently have stock in the United States, and within the next 2 weeks we will have stock in Canada and a short time longer for Australia (update: Stock now in Canada)

Standard and express delivery are available

Having stock in the US and Canada means quick and low priced shipping.  We've put Worldwide shipping from the US at cost price, this also means you don't have to worry about importing from the UK while the Brexit situation sorts itself out

We currently have stock in:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • We ship Worldwide from either country

We will have stock in:

  • Australia (mid-April)