Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Before & After Photos

Instagram photos shared by Official Botched Ink technicians

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Whether using Botched Ink to Rescue or Revive existing pigment, expect results to vary, however each time a treatment is carried out pigment will remove

  • Superficially implanted pigment is easier to remove
  • Deeply implanted pigment needs to surface before it removes
  • Saturated skin becomes more translucent as the pigment removes
  • Pigment make look faded, but still be saturated in the skin
  • Black pigment typically removes more easily
  • Removal may improve the visible colour by revealing hidden pigment

Skin in the area also improves with Botched Ink treatments. Scar tissue is very likely to improve after a Botched Ink treatment, this can mean dormant hair follicles start to grow again