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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Hand tool method ?


Botched Ink® is suitable for hand tool and machine methods.  We focus on skin needling open the skin, hand tool technicians can use pointillism, and the product very quickly absorbs into the skin, penetrating deeper than the needle.  The results achieved are no different from machine method

How much can I charge for Treatments ?

As a guide we recommend charging the same as you would for an annual top up.  A treatment appointment is 45-60 minutes with the first appointment being a little longer to include the consultation

I'm certified in another removal product, do I need Botched Ink® training ?

This is essentially a question for your insurance company and for you to assess your own existing skills.  From an insurance point of view, the onus is on a technician to prove, in the event of any claim, that even though brand specific training is available, they deemed it as not being required

Botched Ink® is not your average saline tattoo removal solution, and quite different from using salt and saline.  As the developer of this product and knowing the quality of the training we offer, we would always recommend you took specific product training as it is available

I use Botched Ink®, but haven't taken the official training, can i be listed on the tech map ?

No.  You will have to pay for an official Botched Ink® training course to be listed on the map - Find a Local Technician 

No other trainers have been approved to use or recommend Botched Ink® on their saline tattoo removal training courses.  Please inform us if you feel a non-approved trainer has misled you