working together
artists, trainers & Suppliers

Collaborating with a removal brand is a bit different to being on the Pro Team for a pigment brand or supplier, our treatment photos don't look so pretty! 🙈🤣

Give a 10% discount on Botched Ink Training - Earn 10% commission, plus ‘training credits’. If your Instagram has 1000 followers or more, we’d like to work with you. Your content has a value, whether your profile is small or large! 🤩

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors get an exclusive coupon code which gives techs a 10% discount on Botched Ink Training, and you earn 10% commission. This can be paid to your PayPal account, or saved as a store credit. Your coupon code is valid Worldwide

Influencers - An extra bonus!

Coupon codes get a bit more exciting, and have a higher conversion, when you’ve included them in a post, reel or story mentioning the brand you’re promoting, and here’s where you become an Influencer 🤩

Many of you want to join us as a Botched Ink tech, and we reward Influencers for posting correction and removal content, including Botched Ink and your coupon code. We call this bonus ‘training credits’, and they have a discount value on Botched Ink Online Training

Remember, your Instagram only needs 1000+ followers to apply!

Earning for sharing
Training credits

When you create reels, posts and stories about correction and removal treatments, include Botched Ink for those clients whose work can’t be corrected, mentioning our training and removal serum - Tag us @botchedink and add your coupon code, it’s as simple as that

We’ve got loads of content to inspire, and you're probably already posting about clients with existing pigment! Plus, think about it, corrections and removals is a big and ever-growing topic, your content doesn't just boost our visibility, but yours as well!

It's a win-win: Your community discovers Botched Ink with a 10% training discount, and you earn 10% commission, plus training credits to bag yourself a bigger discount! Once you've joined us as an official Botched Ink tech, training credits can either continue to gift training to other approved techs, or be swapped for a higher commission rate

Always earning: Training credits means you earn yourself a discount on Botched Ink Online Training, whether your coupon code gets used or not! We use apps to guide us to the value of your content, and we’ll confirm this when we’ve accepted your application

You can be a Brand Ambassador with a coupon code, without being an Influencer making content. An Influencer must be a Brand Ambassador 😊