Botched Ink® Owner & Developer - Lisa Henning

Botched Ink Lisa Henning Wholesale, Distributor Manufacturer Training

Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal solution was developed by Lisa Henning, owner of Beautiful Ink Ltd, based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.  Lisa also wrote the training course, presentation and manuals for Botched Ink®

Lisa joined the permanent makeup industry in 2012, training in salt and saline microblading and permanent makeup removal in 2013.  Over the years Lisa's tried various different types of salt and saline and other non-laser tattoo removal products, before developing Botched Ink® saline removal solution in 2018, launching in January 2019

Lisa's been a Certified trainer since 2015, her first course being Dry Tattooing, an advanced microneedling treatment to improve scars and stretch marks - Dry Tattooing and later the Microblading to Machine® conversion course and Botched Ink®.  Lisa's trained many UK and International students, including a student who didn't even speak any English !  Google Translate was very very helpful

She's knowledgeable and passionate about this industry, and recognised a huge need to bring a product into the market that worked, was affordable, and would be adopted by all ends of the industry.  Understanding that top techs want the knowledge but are less likely to offer the treatment, Botched Ink® focuses on the majority of technicians who meet your everyday client, needing their bad or unwanted work removed or corrected

With training developed specifically for technician confidence carrying our removal treatments, and knowledge shared how to answer the eternal 'How many sessions ?" question. Botched Ink® has very quickly become a favourite in the industry Facebook groups, and already reaching top spot in Google searches for Saline Tattoo Removal