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This is Part 2 of the Botched Ink Online + Zoom Event

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Trainer in Training

Our Botched Ink trainers in training have already attended a number of Zoom classes with an Lisa or an official trainer.  They're now running a class themselves, with our live supervision


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Botched Ink saline tattoo removal training affiliate program

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Botched Ink® is a Registered Trademark

What is a registered trademark ?  A registered trademark gives its owner the sole right of use, with protection against infringements or use by others.  Botched Ink® is a registered trademark for the product and any kind of training

How can I use a registered trademark ?  With permission or by a written licensing agreement.  Only official Botched Ink® technicians and trainers have permission to promote or associate themselves in any way with Botched Ink®

I am a trained saline removal technician, can I buy Botched Ink®?  Yes you can, we'd love you to try Botched Ink® and officially convert with our brand specific training, which is available.  However until you do convert, you cannot promote or otherwise say you use Botched Ink® as this is trademark infringement

My saline tattoo removal trainer recommended or showed me how to use Botched Ink® during training, can I promote Botched Ink® ?  No.  Only technicians trained by official Botched Ink® trainers have permission to use our registered trademark.  Your trainer did not have our permission to promote or associate themselves with Botched Ink®, this is trademark infringement  

Trademark Infringements.  We regularly check for trademark infringements, and deal swiftly with anyone using our Botched Ink® trademark without permission.  An invoice will be issued for unapproved licensing with a maximum fee of £1,000,000.  Non-payment of the invoice will be dealt with through the courts and a judgement sought