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Botched Ink® is the best solution for bad or unwanted microblading, permanent makeup PMU and eyebrow tattoo removal. Botched Ink® is an award winning saline tattoo removal product, exclusively available to our trained techs, with our training and the support we offer receiving 100s of 5* reviews

Botched Ink®, always improving, always evolving, in an industry where removal is the fastest growing sector. What better way to introduce you to Botched Ink® than by showing you a 20 minute extract from our online training course; see for yourself why Botched Ink® is the company leading the way

Response to our Anonymous Feedback Request
Response to our Anonymous Feedback Request

A couple of weeks ago we asked our official Botched Ink techs to answer a few questions, anonymously.  This blogpost is their feedback and my response to it.  I'm Lisa Henning, the owner and developer of Botched Ink. 35 Responses to our Feedback Request.  Responses have been quoted verbatim with ” and “ or a new paragraph separating responses.  Words in brackets are words edited out

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Perfect Strokes by Glencora Microblading Shropshire
Give your clients the brows they deserve

Not only did we manage to completely lift and remove all of the old pigment but also helped improve the scaring that she had been left with from the previous work. We finally managed to give her new brows recently and both my client and myself were over the moon with the finished results. Botched ink is an incredible product, but it is so important to manage your clients expectation

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Botched Ink saline tattoo removal corrections microblading permanent makeup training
How can I work on existing microblading or permanent makeup?

When a new client approaches, many don't have fresh un-tattooed skin, you may need to consider taking on another technicians’ work, offering top-ups, colour corrections and removal. You’ll need to know a bit about colour theory when carrying

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