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It is a true privilege for an independent trainer and manufacturer like me, to be able to share my passion and love for good eyebrows with the you. I have more than 11 years permanent makeup experience, and 10 years with removal treatments. I know this industry, past, present and future!

My goal is to keep training talented technicians to get the best results, using the exclusive lightening and removal serum I developed. Discovering new colleagues and friends around the world, and making Botched Ink treatments available to everybody who has the need and good taste. As someone said “Life is too short to wear bad eyebrows”

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We've trained 100s of Botched Ink technicians in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and around the world. If you're looking to have a removal treatment, you'll be in safe hands. We offer our techs industry leading training and support

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Welcome to Botched Ink® Head Office

We are the owners of Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal serum, and Worldwide training providers

Correction and removal is an essential skill for any cosmetic tattoo artist, allowing you to offer clients more options with their existing microblading or permanent makeup

We've been in the cosmetic tattooing world since 2012, with our treatment and training venue called Beautiful Ink. Let's introduce you to the botched side!

Botched Ink is a tattoo lightening and removal serum that we fully own and developed. We only supply technicians we've trained, and there's 100s around the world, you can see their results here!

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Our techs sharing their clients results

Botched Ink is all about the results we and our team of highly trained techs can achieve. You'll see there's 100s of their photos in this gallery

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