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When do you need microblading Removal

You might be acutely aware you have a microblading disaster or tattoo ink that's gone a bad colour, or maybe your permanent makeup tattoo needs emergency removal right away!

In these instances you just know you'll need some tattoo removal of the permanent makeup and microbladed area, but many clients who need saline microblading removal don't realise they do. Forward thinking microblading and permanent makeup tattooists plan for the long term maintenance of their microbladed eyebrows, recommending clients need a session or two of saline tattoo removal every few years, before new pigment is added

With microblading eyebrows, old pigment distorts the colour of microblading tattoo, colours can make darker skin tones look dull and more sessions can result in skin damage and scar tissue. One or two sessions of new pigment every few years, results in saturated darker skin tones that needs an effective method to remove microblading and improving the treated area for the most satisfactory results

Do Microblading or Permanent Makeup Removal Creams Work?

Tattoo removal creams for eyebrow tattoo and manufactured microblading removal creams are often no different to a skin cream designed to removed brown spots from sun damage, that's not ideal to remove microblading. DIY methods or manufactured microblading tattoo removal creams are not going to have the same results as professional treatments, they may feel longer, but they are the quickest and safest option to preserve skin quality

The removal process using DIY methods can result in scar tissue and a longer healing process. Any microblading ink particles lightening will be the result of inflammation, scar tissue and the bodies immune system healing the treated area

Is there a Difference with Permanent Makeup Removal?

Many will tell you that microblading is more superficial in the skin, so doesn't last very long, if only that were true. As more beginners and less skilled artists join the industry, microblading can be as deep and saturated as permanent makeup after multiple sessions

Permanent makeup removal methods can take a few more treatments, everything depends on how deep the microbladed eyebrows are, the clients skin type and how saturated brows are with unwanted pigment

This photo shows the result of a Botched Ink emergency removal. This is 16 days after the treatment so the skin is still healing, however you can clearly see Botched Ink doesn't cause inflammation and irritation to remove a tattoo, unlike most non-laser and saline removal solutions

When to Correct & When to Remove Microblading

Also known as 'Don't put up with a cover up!'

Think hairdressing terms!

I know microblading removal isn’t a word people really like to hear for their eyebrow tattoo, but let’s think about visiting your hair salon and chatting with the colourist about returning your hair to its natural hairs colour, or a lighter colour, after many years of colouring - they’d use a colour remover to get rid of unwanted pigment in the hair

Microblading removal treatment is similar in that your microblading technician is using Botched Ink saline solution to lift out the unwanted pigment, tattoo and saline microblading removal also works on pigment migration too, so those blurred permanent makeup or microblading hair strokes can be improved and reworked!

Even with hair growth and root touch ups, a hairdresser either leaves the ends or just adds the colour for a few minutes, it reacts differently. Laser removal of permanent makeup doesn't generally also remove permanent makeup and all the colours in eyebrow tattoo ink

Microblading removal is an effective method for your microblading technician to create new permanent makeup brows in one or two sessions

Out with the old, in with the new!

An experienced microblading technician knows how to add more pigment colours to give good lasting results, but just as often they know a top up will just make things dull or murky. Permanent makeup removal will be needed to completely remove microblading

It's unknown how many sessions of permanent makeup pigment can be implanted, before the skin is full and other methods need to be considered to give the best microblading results

Using removal methods to get rid of old eyebrows pigment gives the best opportunity to refresh tired brows, giving both technician and client more options for more sessions of microblading, maybe you'd permanent makeup hair strokes, or a softer more natural microblading brow shape or eyebrows colour

Unfortunately permanent makeup pigments aren't as semi permanent as we might want them to be. If you decide to wait and see if microblading fades, you may wait for years!

Laser Tattoo Removal

To completely remove microblading, with saline removal process will be quicker and it won't damage your eyebrow hair like laser removal can! Laser treatment used a laser ray to shatter the unwanted pigment, just like laser operates for a regular tattoo on the body

Local anaesthetic is rarely used before a laser tattoo removal treatment and laser tattoo removal can make the skin very difficult to implant new permanent makeup pigments

After a full laser removal treatment session the permanent makeup tattoo ink can just stay on the surface of the skin, not heal in to the eyebrows like we need it to, and eyebrow hairs can be damaged in the treated area too

See your true colour!

Permanent makeup and microblading pigment colours always looks pretty and fresh when there’s less pigment underneath

Adding new pigment won’t last long when it’s healed, as the old permanent makeup color underneath will cause a dull shadow. Dark, black or grey pigments and brow shapes keep coming back, so do strong russet tones

A few removal sessions of of microblading removal treatment will fix this, then any further removal sessions of new permanent makeup pigment will look as intended, and your cosmetic tattoo eyebrows will last long after the skin heals

Different shapes and sizes!

Maybe there’s multiple visible eyebrows and shapes going on, or some areas are more solid with pigment than others and can’t be smoothed without the pigment going solid

You just can’t hide all old permanent makeup shapes, to hide eyebrows and bad shapes you’d need to go bigger, and that’s not always wanted. Botched Ink saline removal process works by floating out the old ink colors and pigments

You can’t squeeze more in!

If the skin is compacted and solid you'll need to remove permanent makeup for removalSkin that's full of old microblading and permanent makeup pigment there’s simply no room for anymore!

What might look great as you walk out the door, won’t heal, the visible colour was in the surface of the skin, and that comes away during healing process. Other methods need to be considered, and microblading removal by a Botched Ink trained specialist works!

Botched Microblading

Botched Ink saline removal works on all pigment colours and skin types, even safe to be used on dark skin. You'll see in our case study below that Amani has dark skin and her skin heals really well after the removal treatment

You'll see 100s of photos of permanent makeup eyebrows and microblading removal in our gallery page

Botched Ink training

Case Study for Botched Ink Emergency Microblading Removal 

What happened during the microblading treatment ?

From Amani, the Microblading Client

The practitioner and I discussed the shape of my eyebrows. My eyebrows are naturally quite full, but I wanted to add hairs to where it was sparse and bring the eyebrows in by adding more hairs to the front. She drew an outline of my eyebrows and I asked her if they would be as thick as the outline. She said that they wouldn’t and new strokes would just go above my natural brow shape

After the tattooing was finished, I looked into the mirror and was shocked to see the result. Instead of natural looking brows, I was left with dark, thick and unnatural looking eyebrows. They looked as though someone had drawn on my brows. I was truly horrified and felt like a monster. All I could think was ‘how do I get rid of these’

How could the microblading treatment have ended more positively?

The practitioner could have firstly ensured that the shape/size of the eyebrows were something that I wanted. It’s truly shocking that a qualified practitioner would even think that a client, whose first time it was having microblading, would want such eyebrows. Her judgement was extremely poor

I would also say that half way through the procedure, she could have shown me what the eyebrows looked like. At that point, less damage would have been done and I would have not continued on with the tattoo

Did you let the microblading artist know you were unhappy?

I did. The practitioner apologised multiple times. A few days later, I asked for refund. Instead of talking responsibility, she instead blamed me

What made you decide to have Botched Ink Vs Laser Removal?

Immediately after getting the tattoo, I researched ways to remove them. I first found laser tattoo removal, but after reading about hair loss and scarring, I decided it wasn’t for me. I then found out there was saline tattoo remove and that it could be done in emergency cases. I went on to find practitioners who offered this service and found Eva’s salon

Eva was very concerned and attentive and wanted to make sure I had them removed sooner rather than later. It put me at ease knowing that something could be done to remove the tattoo

How do you feel now, after Botched Ink® microblading removal?

I feel so much better now that I have had my first session. Compared to how dark and thick they were, they are now faded and I feel more confident. It’s a massive improvement and am looking forward to my second session.

These photos show the improvement 16 days after the Botched Ink® emergency tattoo removal treatment. Amani's skin is still healing, but you can see how little inflammation is caused when using our solution 

From Eva, the Microblading Removal Technician

Can you describe your initial contact with the client

I received a phone call from Amani in the evening. She said I had my brows nano bladed yesterday and I need a removal. I said come in tomorrow evening

Then she sent a picture over and I called her saying come in tomorrow morning at 9am as I knew the earlier I get her in the better result I would achieve. So got up in the morning early to open before opening hours as I felt so sorry for her

I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw her eyebrows! She basically didn't have words to explain her feelings. She just said, I still can't believe I have this on my face. She walked in with a wig covering her full forehead and she was going to wear it until the crusts are all gone

The removal was slightly uncomfortable for her as the nano blading was still fresh. I explained her everything from A to Z and felt like she was so desperate poor thing. 2 weeks later I followed up with her and she was over the moon with the result of removal.

How do you feel, being able to help clients with Botched Ink saline removal?

Having a solution for clients like Amani feels powerful! Seeing amazing results and positive feedback from clients just blows my mind

Botched Ink has helped my business in such a way where I don't have to say to clients sorry I can't help you because I now have a solution for those who need an emergency eyebrow tattoo removal and also for those who have walked around with horrible eyebrows for a while. Thanks Lisa! It was a pleasure doing the course with you!

Fully Healed After Emergency Microblading Removal

Healed after one Botched Ink® emergency saline solution tattoo removal treatment

Amani says "A little bit of pigment remains. It’s mostly a subtle, faded grey colour. My eyebrows cover the tattoo, it’s just the front part that is still a little bit visible." and thanks us for giving her the platform to spread awareness about botched tattoos. She's consulting with her technician about having a second treatment

Update: Amani was happy after the one Botched Ink emergency removal treatment, and decided the leave the remaining pigment as it looked more natural

Emergency Microblading Removal

Unfortunately more and more clients are seeking out a technician to help them with microblading removal. With Botched Ink we can carry out an emergency removal treatment within 48 hours of the microblading or PMU, most importantly, before the scab has naturally form

Or if a scab has formed and the skin is crusty or dried out, don't panic or do anything rash! We can also help with a first emergency removal treatment soon as the scab has naturally healed away, in 5-10 days

Please do not attempt any home microblading removal treatments as this will prevent us helping you in these early days of wound healing process


In conclusion, knowing when to seek microblading removal is crucial for maintaining the integrity and appearance of your eyebrows. While some instances may be immediately apparent, such as a microblading disaster or undesirable pigment color, others may require forward-thinking from both clients and technicians

In the long term, for microblading and permanent makeup, regular maintenance sessions with saline tattoo removal every few years can prevent pigment distortion and skin damage, ensuring satisfactory results in the long term

It's essential to steer clear of DIY removal methods or creams, as they can lead to scar tissue and prolonged healing. Whether opting for microblading or permanent makeup removal, choosing a professional technician trained in Botched Ink saline removal ensures a safe and effective solution

By addressing concerns promptly and seeking expert guidance, individuals can achieve natural-looking, refreshed eyebrows without compromising skin health or risking undesirable outcomes

Lisa Henning owner of Botched Ink saline solution

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