Botched Ink® Conversion Course
Botched Ink® Conversion Course

Botched Ink® Conversion Course

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🧡 Online course. Manual enrolment after checking your certificate. Train with Lisa, the owner and developer of Botched Ink®. We have stock in US, CA, AU and UK
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This course is for Microblading and Permanent Makeup artists who are already Certified in Non-Laser Tattoo Removal (saline, glycolic, alkaline etc) and want to convert to using Botched Ink
Information on the existing training certificates we recognise is detailed below
  • IMPORTANT: Read our Checklist & Terms in the tabs below before booking


This conversion course is available for technicians already certified in a recognised non-laser removal course

We reserve the right to not accept an existing removal training certificate, reasons for this might be: You are or work for a training company offering saline tattoo removal, you were recently certified in saline removal, your certificate isn't recognised for insurance purposes, your training wasn't a stand-alone removal course i.e saline tattoo removal training, and any other reason used to protect our saline removal training and Botched Ink brand


Ideally, once you start the course you should complete it within a few days, just so all the information we share can piece together and make best sense

Although this is an online course, it's worth setting aside time to get the most value from it, just like you would an 'in person' training course.  Once you've completed you'll have access to all our marketing materials to start advertising you offer Botched Ink treatments.  Many techs are keen to get started and have a wait list of models to work on.   You'll have 3 months to start the course after purchase, and a further 3 months access after finishing it


You'll have access to us via our Official Tech Facebook support board and via Messenger. We also have lots of Brand Resources you can use, including adverts, logos and other promotional tools, plus access to our client forms, training videos and monthly live training via Zoom

Find a Tech Listing: There is no guarantee you will be listed on our Find a Tech map. We list active Botched Ink techs on the map, with active being defined as likely to have stock of Botched Ink that's in date. If a tech does not have their own business website or social media page showing them as a PMU or microblading tech, we reserve the right to not list


As the industry changes, we need to remain fluid as a brand, especially as the need and knowledge of removal is in a serious growth phase! Official Botched Ink technicians must keep up to date with our treatment advice and recommendations

It's your responsibility to regularly be involved with our communications, as this prevents problems during treatments and healing. We update techs by email, in our Official Tech Resources, and in our Facebook support group

Reasons we might need to part ways with a technician we've trained are: The technician starting to offer saline tattoo removal training themselves, or we feel they're working in a way that's not safe, or may bring the Botched Ink brand into disrepute

The training certificate we provide is Saline Tattoo Removal using Botched Ink®. If for any reason we part ways with a technician, they're still certified to offer saline
tattoo removal, just not with Botched Ink®

After Training: You'll have access to us via our Official Tech Facebook group and via Messenger. We also have Brand Resources, including adverts, logos and other promotional tools, plus access to our client forms, training videos and monthly live training via Zoom

Find a Tech Listing: There is no guarantee you will be listed on our Find a Tech map. We list active Botched Ink techs on the map, with active being defined as likely to have stock of Botched Ink that's in date. If a tech does not have their own business website or social media page showing them as a PMU or microblading tech, we reserve the right to not list


Check tattoo removal or lightening is a service that you can offer in the Country or State you work in, and that your insurance company covers you for Botched Ink® and online training


Body tattoo removal is NOT a part of this course, that's an advanced training for existing Botched Ink® technicians. This course covers the safe removal of pigment from eyebrows, lip liner and the scalp. Botched Ink® is not suitable for eyeliner removal or from lip skin (see previous tab)


We do not permit trainers to promote, use or recommend Botched Ink® on their own saline tattoo removal training course. This would be trademark infringement and a conflict of interests, read the Trademark tab. It's unlikely that a trainer would use one product personally and another for training, so this conflict prevents us from supplying new or existing trainers with Botched Ink® removal serum

If you really want to squeeze the most value out of this course, it should take you around 4-5 hours. There's more high value content than you'd expect!

We don’t want you to speed through all the information!


Botched Ink is the only non-laser tattoo removal training and solution who do not train our 'New to Removal' techs in body tattoo removal. We firmly believe this is an advanced skill, and the knowledge required to work safely needs additional removal training, once the basic removal skills have been mastered

Most permanent makeup machines are not suitable for effective removal of body tattoos


Botched Ink solution is not safe anywhere near the eye. What makes our saline removal solution so fabulous removing brow permanent makeup and microblading, prevents us working near the eye. Botched Ink dries out skin within and hour, just imagine what that might do to an eye!

Always follow manufacturers advice on where their product can be safely used, not a training provider! Insurance companies follow manufacturer guidance on the use of their product

We own and manufacture Botched Ink, we are also the only company offering Botched Ink removal training


Botched Ink very successfully works removing permanent makeup tattoo pigment from the lip liner area, pigment that's been taken on to normal skin, but it's not possible to use on lip skin itself

Lip skin is an incredibly difficult area as it's tissue not skin, with lots of blood vessels, easy bleeding and difficult healing

There are not many options for tattoo removal on lip skin

Benefits of using Botched Ink solution: 2ml single use sachets for ultimate hygiene and freshness - Skin bleeds easily with little work, pushing up deeply imbedded pigment - Easily absorbed into the skin - Only needs one single pass. Skin friendly pH 5.5-6 -No lingering burn or sting. Dries out skin super quickly - Minimal inflammation or irritation. Thin dried out skin scab - Can begin aftercare directly on scab

Made in the UK to meet and exceed strict EU regulations.  Each batch of Botched Ink® is made in the UK, tested to ensure a 2 year expiry date, it's then filled and packed in the UK

Results vary depending on the tattoo presented, the technicians knowledge and understanding of tattoo removal, and equipment, needles and techniques used

The online training is split into bite-sized segments so you can pace your learning.  You'll learn so much more than you expected on the Botched Ink® course, just have a look at all the great subjects we cover...

  • Introduction Video (5:57)
  • The Formalities (6:13)
  • The Saline Story (7:52)
  • The Botched Ink Story (17:12)
  • Code of Ethics (4:06)
  • Organic V Non-Organic Pigments (8:38)
  • Tattooing Process (1:19)
  • Pigment Degradation (3:30)
  • Build up of Pigment (8:14)
  • Color Corrections (10:14)
  • Assessment Questions (1)
  • Assess an Existing Tattoo (15:55)
  • Results Process (4:38)
  • Why use Salt ? (5:11)
  • Botched Ink Benefits (14:20)
  • Botched Ink Ingredients (16:55)
  • Assessment Questions (2)
  • Numbing (1.31)
  • Needle Selection (11:00)
  • Hand Tool Video (7:19)
  • Machine Video (6:01)
  • Eyeliner, Lip Skin & Body Tattoos (5:14)
  • Emergency Tattoo Removal (5:48)
  • Contraindications (4:51)
  • Trolley Set Up (2:19)
  • Assessment Questions (3)
  • Method Theory (7:53)
  • Step-by-Step Treatments (1:12)
  • Treatment Video (3:54)
  • Treatment Video (9:00)
  • Treatment Video (4:53)
  • Treatment Video (4:28)
  • Method Recap (5:29)
  • Aftercare Theory (10:40)
  • Course of Treatments (9:30)
  • Insurance (2:42)
  • Good for Business (7:40)
  • Assessment Questions (4)
  • Approved Technicians (4:06)

This course ie regularly updated with additional and fresh content

Our training course includes Assessment Questions, covering topics discussed in the previous sections. If questions are not answered correctly, you can revisit as many times as need to complete. To answer a question you'll need to select the correct answer, you don't need to write any content

The Curriculum is Copyright Botched Ink Ltd 2020 - All rights reserved

Exchange Rates: You check out in your chosen currency, our store will detect your local currency from USD, CAD, AUD or EURO, the rest of the World is set to USD

Prices you see are based on USD which is our store currency, due to exchange rate changes you'll see prices in other currencies fluctuate

Botched Ink® and Botched® are Registered Trademarks for the product, training and advertising

TRAINERS & SUPPLIERS: There is no permission given to promote or recommend Botched Ink® on your own tattoo removal training course. You cannot call your training course or removal product Botched®. This would be trademark infringement

If we believe that you're using Botched Ink on your own training course, we reserve the right to refuse further orders from you and withdraw permission for you to associate with our brand

What is a registered trademark ? A registered trademark gives its owner the sole right of use, with protection against infringements or use by others

How can I use a registered trademark ? With permission or by a written licensing agreement.  Only official Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal technicians and trainers have permission to promote or associate themselves in any way with Botched Ink®

Trademark Infringements

We regularly check for trademark infringements, and deal swiftly with anyone using our Botched Ink® or Botched® trademarks without permission. An invoice will be issued for unapproved licensing with a maximum fee of $1,000,000 USD. Non-payment of the invoice will be dealt with through the courts and a judgement sought

Existing Training Certificates we Recognise

As a quick guide, if your previous non-laser tattoo removal training course cost you more than the $195 USD discount we're offering on our Botched Ink conversion course, we'll probably recognise it

We only recognise stand alone removal training courses, so if yours was included as a part of your permanent makeup training, or a conference attendance certificate, unfortunately we can't approve it. We will approve saline tattoo removal training, also glycolic acid or alkaline types of non-laser removal

If you can't find your existing removal training certificate, adding a screenshot of your course enrolment email may be OK. You can message @botchedink on Instagram or Facebook to confirm before purchasing

What's Included & What Else You'll Need

Included in the Botched Ink Conversion Course is:

  • Botched Ink official online training course
  • 46 page training manual download
  • 2 x 2 ml sachets* of Botched Ink lightening serum, and aftercare sheets, will be posted to you

We have stock in the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom

Additional items needed:

  • Cavilon cream (or film) sachets for client aftercare
  • 5 round liner needle cartridge (or we have a 5RL hand tool)
  • Medium pigment cups (not pigment rings)
  • Plus your usual treatment set up, cotton pads, buds and wipes

As mentioned in our Satisfaction Guaranteed T&Cs below, the Botched Ink Certificate of Achievement and other official technician benefits, are released to you after the 30 day Satisfaction Guaranteed period ends, and no refund has been requested

* The Satisfaction Guaranteed pack of Botched Ink is 2 x 2 ml sachets, our normal pack is 10 sachets of Botched Ink 

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal online non-laser training course

Removal is the Fastest Growing Trend

The microblading and permanent makeup industry has changed beyond recognition in the last few years, but even so, brows are still fading funky colours or not fading at all! And now there just more of them - More clients with unwanted brows, and more techs to work on them

The Right Solution

As a technician who's already taken removal training, you may be sat there wondering how you're going to proceed. You wouldn't be reading this page if you were happy with your current removal offering

Maybe your original removal training didn't give you enough knowledge or confidence to carry out treatments. Maybe the removal solutions you've used are scary harsh or painful, leaving you to never use them again and more wasted money! 

Removing Barriers

And now there's Botched Ink, highly regarded and often spoken about by technicians on social media, you're seeing the results photos and in all the reviews we've gathered. But why would you want to spend more money on removal training, when you're already trained. And that's exactly the problem we hope to fix for you! 

Another Industry First for Botched Ink

We believe no other training provider in our microblading, permanent makeup or removal industry has ever offered a satisfaction guarantee on their training and product - Serving up a double for our belief in Botched Ink! 

The other industry firsts for Botched Ink are: First removal product in single use sachets, keeping our product at its most potent for consistent results. First to use advanced ingredients in a fairly priced removal product. First removal product made in the UK ... Oh and first saline tattoo removal product both techs and clients agree is gentle and not painful! 

Botched Ink isn't just a Product!

Botched Ink is a brand you represent, not just a product in your drawer! The strength of support and promotional materials we offer are literally second to none. We've spent the last few years honing who we are as a brand, and with a name like Botched Ink, it was always going big! 

We planned our Find a Tech map from day one, and it's the page most people visit once they've landed on our website, our techs tell us they regularly get enquiries from their listing

Our website is resource database full or useful articles, and it's front page on Google for many related keywords, including "saline tattoo removal" and "microblading removal" - The links go to the search plus the keywords, see for yourself! 

This feels a bit like writing our résumé, but it's needed when you've already been let down by removal, and we've been there in the past too! 

Of course Botched Ink has been a pain by only supplying to our officially trained techs, but isn't that just one reason why we're so well regarded? All our techs have taken our brand standard official training, written by the owner and developer of Botched Ink after around 10 years experience offering the treatment, Check out the FREE 20 minute Free Video extract of the course where you'll get a taste for what's on offer

How can you promote yourself as an x,y z technician if you're using a product anyone can purchase, with or without training! Or taking a training course from someone who's using a product on their own course, without the course being officially endorsed by the product developer

Clients like brands, brands they can research before booking a treatment. We all know that some brands do well on social media to a following, others do well in the real world and show up on Google too! At Botched Ink we keep things real, especially as removal is in a serious growth phase - Check our FREE 22 page Expert Guide for a few more truths

So now we need to satisfy you, that what Botched Ink offers is worth taking that extra training for, risk free! 

Botched Ink saline microblading removal permanent makeup eyebrow

Satisfaction Guaranteed Terms & Conditions

You have 30 days after purchase to take the Botched Ink conversion course and use our Botched Ink lightening serum. If you're satisfied, you'll want to join us as an official Botched Ink technician

If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can request your money back within 30 days of purchasing the Botched Ink Conversion Course. However by giving a refund, we remove access to our online course, there's no right to receive our Certificate of Achievement, nor purchase more Botched Ink lightening serum. In the spirit of sharing for the growth of our industry, any removal knowledge you gained during our training course, you can keep with our best wishes!

You must complete the conversion course before using Botched Ink on a client or model. Plan when you purchase the course, as if you don't complete the conversion course and use Botched Ink within 30 days, there's no refund available for any reason

When you complete the Botched Ink conversion course, our Certificate of Achievement and other official technician benefits, are released to you after the 30 day Satisfaction Guaranteed period ends, and no refund has been requested

If you need more Botched Ink during the Satisfaction Guaranteed 30 day period, you can void your right to claim, by completing the online course, being satisfied and ordering more Botched Ink!

Satisfaction Guaranteed does not apply to treatment risks or results. As an existing certified removal technician it's your responsibility to have basic knowledge of removal treatments, and have the correct treatment insurance in place

In addition please read our Training Terms & Conditions in the expanding sections below

Online Training
Certificate of Achievement

While some online training providers offer a Certificate of Attendance for just showing up, we ensure all our microblading and permanent makeup saline tattoo removal students meet Botched Ink removal training standards, before awarding our exclusive Certificate of Achievement. Many of our 100s of reviews mention ours was the best online class they'd taken!

Effective saline tattoo removal is a skill based on knowledge, not just a 'How to Guide' from a 20 minute online course! We're very proud to offer such an excellent course, sharing a detailed education of the Botched Ink saline removal technique to remove pigment

Our aim is to raise standards in the microblading and permanent makeup industry, and emergency removal being less of a thing. Pigments still need some lifting and removal for various reasons, we'd just hope less people needed removal treatments immediately after getting new microblading or permanent makeup!

Saline tattoo removal training courses are almost everywhere at the moment, choose to represent a brand who best represents you! And with Botched Ink saline tattoo removal, we only supply our exclusive removal solution to our officially trained technicians

saline tattoo emoval
Botched Ink Online Training

By choosing Botched Ink for your saline tattoo removal training, you're not only buying into our brand, but the success and high standards we offer and maintain. We believe Botched Ink is not only the best saline removal solution and the best saline tattoo removal training course

Loved by experienced removal techs, and their clients - Botched Ink is the brand existing techs are converting to! - Mid-price product and training with high level ethics - Aim to maintain and raise standards in cosmetic tattoo removal

Botched Ink is the only saline tattoo removal solution not sold via distributors to unknown buyers - Exclusively supplied to our trained techs - Sold in single use sachets

Behind the scenes there's a student support team to help you before, during and after your online training with us, so you'll always have someone to talk to with any microblading or permanent makeup saline removal questions. The support we offer students is second to none!

Once you've completed the online training you get access to our Facebook Support Group, Lisa, the owner of Botched Ink is active in this group most days. Here we can stay in touch answering your saline removal questions and continuing learning in such an engaging way

We also have loads of brand assets to share with techs who've taken our online class, Botched Ink logos, website text, adverts, banners and the list goes on...

Removal is the fastest growing sector in our industry, and we want you to succeed as correction and removal specialist!

join the team
botched ink officially trained removal specialists

With so many clients coming to us with existing brows that need correction or removal, or clients with a freshly done procedure that needs an emergency removal, it's only right that every microblading or permanent makeup tech who knows how to put pigment in the skin, knows how to take it out too!

After your Botched Ink saline removal course, there's a great opportunity to feature yourself as a correction and removal specialist, taking training with the removal brand who not only gives you all the saline removal techniques and knowledge, we also give you tools to promote yourself and we promote you too!

We promote active official Botched Ink saline tattoo removal techs on our Find a Tech map, and when you share results of your removal procedures on Instagram and tag @botchedink, you'll also feature in our Gallery page

This website is viewed by several thousand people a month, and our techs are actively getting work from their listing!

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