How Long Does Microblading Last

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How Long does Microblading Last, Will it Fade Away Completely?

Generally speaking for most people, how long does microblading last will gradually fade out in a few years, especially without frequent touch-ups. Some colours blends last longer than others and can eventually fade away, though deeply implanted pigment color and some types of carbon black can remain forever, as these are a tattoo

Shades of red, orange and russet from old iron oxide microblading colors need professional removal. As a client, it's hard to know which type of microblading results you have, only understanding better as they fade completely or not

If How long does microblading last is important to you, ask your microblading artist to use pigments that are designed to fade away, or ones that are longer lasting. However, both make a long term change to your skin, just like when you use a hair colourant

Black or Grey Microblading Eyebrows

The microblading cost can be a factor in the microblading procedure, but when the desired look is like applying makeup, microblading can result in saturated skin with dark solid eyebrows. These require maintenance as sun exposure and many other factors can result in a failed result of black or grey brows

The failed microblading cost is more than financial, your skincare routine may need to change as you need to correct your eyebrows with makeup. Some microblading colors lighten sooner than others, red, yellow, orange and black all lighten at different rates, and there's also different types of these colors, organic or non-organic

Eyebrows looking black can be totally normal as the black is closer to the skin's surface, but an unknown amount is still contained deeper within the skin. Grey or failed microblading eyebrows shows when the old black color is deeply implanted. Both case need a saline removal procedure to lift and lighten the failed microblading

Microblading Hair Strokes Touch Ups

The microblading hair strokes can blur and become saturated with repeated microblading healing, tattooing or a touch up session. Repeating the microblading healing process can cause scar tissue to accumulate, potentially reducing the skin's ability to hold new microblading, or indeed allowing the microblading ever fade completely

Excessive buildup or frequent touch-up sessions can oversaturate the skin, and change or thin its texture, leading to blurred lines and a less natural appearance. Skin type, health, and the artist's technique also influence retention, with proper spacing not only between the hair strokes, but between microblading sessions

Preventative measures, like following aftercare instructions and spacing touch-ups wisely, are essential to avoid saturation. In cases of skin irritation or oversaturation, corrective procedures like saline removal may be needed, otherwise How long does microblading last, can be forever!

Is Microblading Semi Permanent?

A typical microblading procedure, if superficially implanted, can last around 1 to 2 years. After this time, the pigment color can look different, sometimes it will have faded completely, other times black microbladed brows will remain, and this either needs saline removal or color correction

How long does a microblading eyebrows procedure last can vary considerably, depending on many factors. In the past few years, clients have favoured an eyebrow enhancement that has hair like strokes, beautiful brows have developed so that microblading eyebrows fades over the months

However some microblading is a more like traditional tattooing, and some permanent change to the pigment color of skin has been made, and some pigment types last longer in skin than others

Microblading Hair Strokes

Depending on how you heal (when it's time for your next touch up session) the hair strokes will never be as crisp as the first time you get Microblading done. The hair strokes will look amazing the first time you get it done and maybe even after your first few more frequent touch ups and the touch up sessions

After that, you have a couple of options. You can either opt for the new brows, a combination/powder brow, or wait until the semi permanent makeup eyebrows fade completely. If you decide you'd like to wait until they fade completely, that could take several years

How long does microblading hair strokes last? Crisp hair strokes will only last for the first microblading procedure, after that, they get thicker or blur more

What does Microblading Look Like after 5 years?

After 5+ years, any remaining microblading semi permanent makeup must be considered permanent makeup. Adding more microblading just makes eyebrows more saturated, making future problems and more removal treatments

It's advisable to consider using Botched Ink treatments to lift out old microblading, before having another microblading procedure

Microblading Normal, Oily Skin & Dry Skin Types

Your skin type can impact your healed results. Microblading and types of permanent makeup may last about a year until you need to have it touched up to look its best. The pigment from applying makeup tattoos may fade for more than 3-5 years

For normal or dry skin, how long does microblading last - Very well!

Microblading eyebrows is usually the easiest method to use on normal to dry skin type. Microblading may not last for someone with excess oil and oily skin. Oily skin can decrease microblading effectiveness with hair strokes, because sebum actually pushes permanent makeup pigments away, creating a blur to the microbladed eyebrows. Similar is true with people that have larger pores, as they tend to produce more sebum

For oily skin, how long does microblading last, not very long or very well!

For clients with an oily skin type who wants their eyebrows microbladed, it can be a better alternative to get powder brows instead. Powder brows is semi permanent makeup which lasts longer as a tattoo machine is used instead of a hand tool

For those clients with medical conditions, health conditions or undergoing chemotherapy treatment, a personal consultation may be required before carrying out a treatment procedure. A patch test may be offered for the pigment and numbing cream

Clients with sparse brows, looking for an ideal shape, can suit the microbladed brows and eyebrows, it's worth practicing with microbladed brows and powder to get used to having eyebrows, and checking that your artists work is suitable for a natural brow shape


Once the healing process has finished, this takes about 8 weeks, protect new microbladed eyebrows with a daily sunscreen application, as well as avoiding harsh exfoliant treatments. Your perfect brows can match or compliment your hair color, and you can start applying makeup to give a bold look to your brows if the technique used was more natural


Getting brows wet with saltwater can shorten microblading performance, while chemicals in pool chemicals cause the oxidization process which results in microblading results in pigments fading faster, and they may well change your hair color too!


Certain ingredients found in skincare and beauty treatments can reduce how long does microblading last, steer clear of harsh exfoliants and Vitamin A, retinoic acid on the brow area. This product speeds up cell renewal causing rapid loss of pigment. It's worth looking at your makeup and skincare routine a week prior to any microblading session, as well as long term care after the microblading healing process ends


We all experience skin irritation from direct sunlight. Upon sun exposure due to the cosmetic tattoo pigments it creates an active reaction with the natural pigment in the skin. The natural pigment changes color and will fade faster than they should and more microblading touch ups will be needed after the first appointment to maintain a good color

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In conclusion, the longevity of microblading is influenced by various factors including pigment type, skin type, aftercare, and lifestyle choices. While microblading is often considered semi-permanent, its effects can last anywhere from one to two years, with some pigments potentially lasting longer or even becoming permanent

However, the procedure is not without its challenges, as evidenced by the need for touch-ups, maintenance, and in some cases, corrective treatments like saline removal. Understanding these factors is crucial for anyone considering microblading, as it involves a commitment to long-term care and maintenance. By following proper aftercare instructions, avoiding harsh treatments, and protecting against sun exposure, individuals can maximize the lifespan of their microbladed brows

Ultimately, whether microblading lasts for a few years or becomes a more permanent fixture, the goal is to achieve natural-looking brows that enhance one's appearance and confidence

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