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Faithful to Education & High Standards 🧡

In an industry that's literally saturated, education and high standards extends to the trainers I've chosen to work with

All Botched Ink approved trainers are first and foremost passionate about this industries long-term growth, teaching and training students to gently, safely and effectively remove the past

🤩 All Botched Ink approved trainers meet or exceed the following standards: They offer a recognised Beginner Brows PMU training course with a minimum of 3 in-person training days, or 4 days for combo brows machine and hand tool. Their own training venue, and a website showing their training courses

I'm currently approving trainers in: United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Complete our application form, and let's book a call! - Lisa

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Is Botched Ink the right brand for you? Which training option should you go for? Whether you prefer online convenience or the practicalities of a hands on model class with one of our Approved Trainers, I can guide you through to the perfect choice

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