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A Comparison of the Top Saline Tattoo Removal Solutions

Over the years microblading and permanent makeup treatments have become more popular, and the skills of the artists vary wildly.  This can lead to unexpected challenges, often quite painful, physically or emotionally, this can result in the need for an emergency colour lift or lightening, but also treatments are needed to maintain beautiful eyebrows over the years too!

In the long term, permanent makeup brows also need a colour refresh to prevent pigment buildup

Salt and saline removal solutions like Botched Ink and Li-FT have emerged as popular choices for unwanted pigments. In this article, we'll delve into the key differences between these top saline removal solutions, the companies who make each brand, types of training available and supply methods

Saline removal is a procedure designed to lift and lighten eyebrow tattoo colours, to remove any build up of permanent makeup pigment and skin stain from the skin’s surface

Unlike laser tattoo removal, which uses light energy to break down the tattoo ink pigment molecules which is then absorbed into the body, a saline removal solution like Botched Ink or Li-FT uses osmosis and other factors to lift pigment molecules out of the skin, effectively lightening cosmetic tattoos

Key Differences Between Botched Ink and Li-FT

Botched Ink and Li-FT are the most known about saline removal solutions, widely used for the removal or correction of unwanted permanent makeup, microblading, and tattoo pigment

While they serve similar purposes, there are of course some key differences between the two



Ingredients used in a saline removal solution affect the method, client comfort, the healing process and results

  • Botched Ink: Botched Ink is formulated as a serum. Using 200x concentrated aloe vera as a carrier for easy skin infusion and saturation. Dead Sea salt for its healing properties, and added ingredients to quickly dry out skin. Non acid, skin friendly pH

  • Li-FT: Li-FT is a natural hypertonic solution, free from acids and chemicals. Contains salt, aloe vera and fruit seed extracts, including orange seed extract


Packaging and storage advice affects how long the product works as intended

  • Botched Ink:  Botched Ink is supplied a pack of 10 x 2ml single use sachets. The saline solution has a 2 year expiry from manufacturer, each sachet retains maximum potency, freshness and hygiene

  • Li-FT:  Li-FT is supplied in a 15ml or 30ml bottle. Check with manufacturer for storage advice to maintain potency, freshness and hygiene


How much each treatment costs to carry out affects your profit

  • Botched Ink: One 2ml sachet is used per treatment, check the price for a pack of 10 sachets

  • Li-FT: This varies depending on how often the product is used, and how the bottle is stored after opening. Check with manufacturer for storage advice

botched ink saline tattoo removal solution



How a saline removal solution is implanted affects client comfort and treatment time

  • Botched Ink: The serum is infused into the skin using a tattoo machine or hand tool, the needle holes allow the serum to create saturated skin in one pass. The application focuses on soaking to implant the serum for optimum results

  • Li-FT: The saline solution is infused into the skin using a tattoo machine or hand too. This is repeated multiple times during a procedure


How comfortable a client is during a treatment affects how likely they are to return for more sessions or another one

  • Botched Ink:  The needling and soaking procedure is considered gentle, with no lingering burn

  • Li-FT:  No data available


What happens during and after saline removal affects new permanent makeup pigment results

  • Botched Ink: Generally requires a shorter healing time compared to other removal methods. The serum dries out skin quickly, minimising inflammation and irritation to prevent scarring and scar tissue. Client aftercare is also minimal

  • Li-FT: The manufacturer supplies Li-FT aftercare products to aid the healing process

botched ink saline tattoo removal solution



Who invented and makes a saline removal solution affects a lot of business decisions

  • Botched Ink:  Lisa Henning, the owner of Botched Ink, and an industry leading cosmetic formulator and manufacturer. With each batch independently tested for stability

  • Li-FT: Li Pigments


Who supplies a saline removal solution affects who can purchase it

  • Botched Ink:  Botched Ink is available to purchase worldwide via this website only, and exclusively to approved techs who've completed Botched Ink training

  • Li-FT:  Li-FT is available for purchase online through distributors



Who teaches using a saline removal solution affects the students learning and the clients who visit them

  • Botched Ink:  Worldwide online training or pre-study with Lisa Henning, the owner and developer of Botched Ink. Hands on model class with approved Botched Ink trainers

  • Li-FT:  Trainers and distributors around the world offer training using Li-FT saline solution

Emergency Removal with a Saline Removal Solution

Emergency removal of bad or unwanted fresh microblading or permanent makeup within the first 48 hours, is a valuable service provided to clients by technicians trained in the use of a professional saline tattoo removal solutions like Botched Ink and Li-FT for emergency removal of bad work on eyebrows


  • Botched Ink:  Gently needle the skins surface, then soaking to saturate and dry out the skin containing the unwanted permanent makeup pigment

  • Li-FT:  Check training advice

By offering a prompt emergency removal intervention, trained technicians can help address client concerns, and improve the overall outcome of the emergency removal procedure

Effective communication, careful technique, and training, and proper aftercare guidance are essential elements of a successful emergency removal process


Standard Salt and Saline Solution:  A basic mix of salt and saline solution can be used for tattoo removal, but it may not be as effective as specialised salt and saline removal solutions

Specialist Saline Tattoo Removal Solution:  Specifically formulated for tattoo removal, saline cosmetic tattoo removal solutions like Botched Ink and Li-FT, offer a targeted approach to lightening and removing unwanted pigment safely and effectively from healthy skin


In conclusion, the choice between Botched Ink and Li-FT saline tattoo removal solutions ultimately boils down to individual preferences, requirements, and the specific needs of different clients and skin types. While both serve the purpose of effectively lightening and removing unwanted pigment from microblading and permanent makeup, they exhibit variations in ingredients, packaging, application techniques, client comfort, healing processes, and training options

Botched Ink stands out with its innovative formulation, single-use sachet packaging ensuring potency and hygiene, gentle application technique, and minimal healing time. On the other hand, Li-FT offers a natural hypertonic solution with a focus on aftercare support and wider availability through distributors

Ultimately, the success of a saline removal treatment relies not only on the chosen solution but also on the skill, training, and technique of the technician. With the growing demand for emergency removal interventions and ongoing maintenance of cosmetic tattoos, the availability of specialized saline tattoo solutions provides technicians with valuable tools to address client concerns and ensure satisfactory outcomes

As the industry evolves, understanding the nuances between these leading saline removal solutions empowers technicians to have clients make informed decisions, deliver quality service, and uphold client satisfaction in the realm of permanent makeup and microblading

Botched Ink training

Lisa Henning owner of Botched Ink saline solution

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