Satisfaction Guaranteed - The Botched Ink Conversion Course

For technicians already certified in saline removal, or other non-laser removal methods. Info on certificates we recognise is below

Satisfaction Guaranteed - The Botched Ink Conversion Course

Existing Training Certificates we Recognise

To purchase our Botched Ink Conversion Course, you'll need to upload a copy of your removal training certificate

As a quick guide, if your previous non-laser tattoo removal training course included a live element, such as a model class, live interactive training or case studies, and cost you more than the £200 discount we're offering on our Botched Ink conversion course, we'll probably recognise it

We only recognise stand alone removal training courses, so if yours was included as a part of your permanent makeup training, or an online course with no live element, unfortunately we can't approve it. We will approve saline tattoo removal training, also brands which are acid or alkaline types of non-laser removal

If you can't find your existing removal training certificate, adding a screenshot of your course enrolment email may be OK. You can message @botchedink on Instagram or Facebook to confirm before purchasing, or use the Contact Us form below

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