Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal & Emergency Microblading

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Botched Ink vs Saline Tattoo Removal

Introduction Summary

Navigating the world of tattoo removal can be daunting, especially with the abundance of options available. In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the nuances of Botched Ink versus traditional saline tattoo removal methods. While saline removal may seem straightforward, comparing the differences to Botched Ink, the formulation, efficacy, client experience, healing and likelihood to return for another treatment, can significantly impact the outcome of the removal process

Botched Ink emerges as a pioneering solution, offering advanced technology and exclusive benefits that set it apart from conventional approaches. From Botched Ink's gentle yet potent formula to its emphasis on professionalism and safety, Botched Ink represents a paradigm shift in the realm of tattoo removal

Botched Ink Is:

  • An advanced saline removal solution, formulated and wholly owned by us!

  • Exclusively sold to Botched Ink trained technicians via our websites only

  • A removal brand that can be trusted to help

  • Our job, not a side hustle!

  • Safe to remove microblading and permanent makeup tattoo ink

  • Developed to remove old healed brows, and fresh emergency removal

  • Potent and hygienic, single use sachets giving consistently good results!

Saline tattoo removal can be:

  • As basic as a pile of salt and a pod of saline

  • A blended mix of salt, water, aloe vera, seed extract and other chosen ingredients

  • In a bottle that might have been open for months!

  • Purchased by anyone who wants to buy or make it

  • A training course that cost as little as $10 (hardly very professional!)

  • A good training course, but how would you know as it's just saline tattoo removal!

  • From a person who's taken no training at all!

Permanent Makeup & Microblading Removal

Botched Ink can successfully lift, improve and remove bad or unwanted healed tattoo pigments. Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows can be old, touched up multiple times, faded funky colors, or in a multitude of brow shapes

The removal process also works on scar tissue caused by a heavy hand or laser session, the procedure using Botched Ink solution consistently gives satisfactory results. We train our Botched Ink technicians to understand not only how to do the treatment, but advise how many sessions you should budget for, usually start at 3, and how much pigment can be removed each session

Removing pigment from living tissue, and keeping that living tissue in good condition for any future microblading or permanent makeup, is a skill and requires an advanced knowledge from your Botched Ink technician, and a removal solution that gives the best results in the gentlest way

Time is another huge factor, rushing Botched Ink, or any removal treatments is not advised

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

Build Up of Faded Pigment, Touch Ups & Corrections

This illustration shows how pigment molecules remain in the skin forever, it's their color that changes. This is why after years of touch ups it becomes harder to implant more pigment, and removal with Botched Ink is required. It's worth viewing this is brow maintenance

Pigment molecules also break down over time, some sooner than others, leaving a stain of colour in the skin. Laser tattoo removal cannot remove skin stain as it's not pigment. Botched Ink removes both pigment and the unwanted skin stain

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

Emergency Botched Ink removal

Let's have some quick facts!

  • Emergency removal is best within the first 48 hours of permanent makeup

  • Saline tattoo removal is considered a safe option for eyebrows

  • Not all saline removal solutions work the same

  • Some saline removal treatments are very painful - Botched Ink isn't!

  • Emergency saline removal can be carried out after 48 hours, with Botched Ink

  • A second removal treatment should be carried out after 8 weeks

With any type of removal, it's worth noting that doing another removal before 8 weeks is highly likely to cause scar tissue and an excess growth of blood capillaries (red skin), making further removal more difficult. Leaving good time between Botched Ink treatments, really helps pigment remove, leaving skin in a condition that can be tattooed again

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

Microblading healing process

During healing from microblading or permanent makeup, these illustrations show what's going in the skin, explaining why what you see on the outside changes so much during the first 2 months. An illustration of the Botched Ink saline removal process is further down this page

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

Emergency Botched Ink Removal within 48 hours

IMPORTANT: Emergency removal is carried out before any scabbing has formed and no home removal attempts!

Facts about saline for an emergency removal

  • Salt draws water to the surface, this can make a wet wound before it dries to a scab

  • Just think what happens when you put salt on a pork joint to make crackling!!

  • Botched Ink was developed to counter this by drying out skin within an hour

  • Saline emergency removal is normally just a saline soak on the unwanted pigment

  • Botched Ink can be gently needled into the skin (topical anaesthetic is used)

  • Needling Botched Ink into the skin gets the most pigment out in one session!

  • Botched Ink does not cause inflammation or irritation during just dried out skin

Removing microblading or permanent makeup eyebrows during the first 48 hours after the cosmetic tattoo gives the best results. Botched Ink saline microblading removal is considered an effective method of removal because salt is known to dry out the eyebrows, and during the healing the unwanted pigment is removed

Unlike other saline removal methods, Botched Ink aftercare instructions are really simple. For the types of saline removal that cause skin wetness (see above, Botched Ink doesn't) clients have to wash the treated area several times to prevent thick scabbing and risk of infection. Botched Ink dries out skin within an hour, this means we can offer our clients different advice and a nicer healing experience

How much pigment is removed during an emergency Botched Ink removal varies, another treatment can be carried out on any remaining pigment once the area has completely healed in 8 weeks. One or two sessions are normal for permanent makeup and microblading removal of fresh pigment

Emergency removal with Botched Ink can be carried out on all skin types and skin colors, even dark skin and eyebrows

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

Emergency Botched Ink removal after 48 hours

Botched Ink's exclusive extended emergency removal (also known as EEER!)

If you've missed the 48 hour initial emergency Botched Ink removal window, we can still help!

  • Allow the scab to naturally heal off for 5-10 days, do not pick your brows!

  • Book an emergency removal treatment with your local Botched Ink technician

  • Botched Ink causes no inflammation or irritation, so the delicate skin can still be worked

  • Topical anesthetic is used on the unwanted microblading or permanent makeup

If more than 48 hours have passed, the scabbing stage will have started for your eyebrows, most saline tattoo removal technicians using salt and saline or other saline removal solutions, will say that an emergency removal is no longer possible for brows 

For generic saline, the client would have to wait for 6 - 8 weeks before having a permanent makeup or microblading removal treatment, and that's just no fun if the cosmetic tattoo really needs removing. Botched Ink to the rescue!

With Botched Ink we can still help with our exclusive extended emergency microblading removal treatment!

Because Botched Ink doesn't cause inflammation or irritation, and dries out the skin super quickly, we can offer an emergency removal as soon as the scab has naturally healed off

This wouldn't be a second emergency Botched Ink removal treatment, but an initial first treatment can still be carried out by a Botched Ink technician during the initial weeks after the microblading treatment. This is still an effective emergency removal treatment

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

Does Laser Tattoo removal work in an emergency?

The thought of this just scares me! Why?

  • Laser tattoo removal uses a laser ray to heat and shatter the unwanted pigment

  • Laser tattoo removal on the open wound of fresh microblading must feel horrific!

  • Laser shattered pigment is drawn into the skin, to be removed by the lymphatic system

  • Any surface laser removal will have been caused by the burn of the laser ray

  • The healing after laser tattoo removal for emergency laser removal - Yikes!

  • It's one thing to remove pigment, it's another to prevent scar tissue!

Laser tattoo removal isn't considered the best option for microblading or permanent makeup removal, this is because brown pigment contains several colours that laser cannot 'see'; black, white, red, yellow and green. For laser or saline tattoo removal black is the easiest colour to remove

We would always recommend Botched Ink first, then do laser tattoo removal if needed and there's just black permanent makeup pigment remaining. Two sessions of Botched Ink will make the laser removal job much easier! Just make sure the laser tech doesn't take the credit!

Botched Ink will have brought the microblading or permanent makeup pigment close to the surface as it removes the unwanted pigments, and laser likes removing pigment close to the surface

Microblading Removal Process with Botched Ink

Using the illustration ‘After 2-3 Months’ from the Microblading Healing Process (above), the following illustrations show tattoo removal using Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal solution

With Botched Ink, pigment is flushed to the surface during each treatment, and pigment caught in the drying-out skin will remove during healing. After a few weeks the pigment settles closer to the surface, ready for the next removal session

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

Not all saline removal solutions work the same

We believe Botched Ink is the best of the specially formulated solutions for the saline removal technique, helping to restore a natural brow shape and remove all pigment colors, giving the best microblading results if new pigment is wanted with a microblading artist

For any type of removal, several treatments may be needed for permanent makeup or microblading removal, with more sessions required if the pigment has been fully healed for a long time. Amazing results can still be achieved with semi permanent makeup Botched Ink removal

Botched Ink is a gentle yet concentrated saline tattoo removal solution, used to li ft, improve and remove bad or unwanted pigment from microblading, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation

Botched Ink was developed for today's demands, single use sachets with a 2 year expiry from manufacture. Botched Ink treatments are gentle, barely uncomfortable, with easy healing and consistently good results

How many Botched Ink sessions are needed to achieve desired results varies, with treatments repeated multiple times. Most clients find Botched Ink saline solution has 2-3 sessions needed removing tattoo ink from all skin types, with techs reporting this is quicker than with other saline solutions.

Ingredients vary between brands so always check! Ingredients have a BIG factor on how easy the treatment is on the skin

Consider Botched Ink is more like an advanced skin needling serum, that dries out skin containing pigment, without causing inflammation or irritation

botched ink saline tattoo removal saline removal solution

The following are specific to Botched Ink saline tattoo removal solution:

Botched Ink, a more gentle removal session than you might expect!

Further information can be found on our Ingredients page. No need for vitamin e oil or orange seed extract, and of course Botched Ink is non acid with an all natural pH of 5.5. Eyebrow hair and hair follicles are not damaged, indeed eyebrows might improve!

Gentle during removal treatments

  • Even though this is a salt and saline removal procedure, it is not the literal effect of “rubbing salt in the wound”. Our Botched Ink saline tattoo removal solution has been designed for have a gentle implant method, with no risk of permanent scarring

  • Numbing cream is used, and aftercare instructions are provided for our saline removal solution

  • The ingredients in Botched Ink saline tattoo removal have be formulated to result in a product that only gives a mild sting which disappears very quickly, there is no lingering burn or sting

Botched Ink Saline solution penetrates deeper than your needle

  • The ingredients in Botched Ink result in the saline solution being drawn into the skin and this happens more easily than you would think

  • Thanks to our specially formulated solutions, technicians don’t have to work the skin hard – there is no need to over work the skin to achieve the desired result of lightening or removal

Very high concentration of Aloe Vera

  • The high concentration of aloe vera is used for its healing properties, aiding the osmosis process of saline removal and the healing

  • This aids in the quick healing of the area treated using Botched Ink saline tattoo removal and can sometimes help the tattoo look better during healing!

Makes the treated skin bleed

  • This one sounds a little scary but it’s true the ingredients in Botched Ink saline removal make the skin bleed

  • This allows us to let the blood do the work, adding to the osmotic process and flushing up tattoo pigment from the deeper layers of skin

  • The bleeding helps to lift the pigment to the surface of the skin which will then form a scab and fall off meaning that pigment has been removed


  • The ingredients in Botched Ink® have been chosen as they help to stem the flow of blood from us making the skin bleed

  • This quick stemming of the blood helps to stop the treated area from getting too messy and causing contamination

  • It also means that the area dries quickly to assist in the healing


  • Due to Botched Ink being a vascular constrictor and drying out the skin quickly it means the bodies natural healing response doesn’t have chance to kick in

  • This means we prevent scarring as there's a thin scab, minimal inflammation, minimal irritation and minimal risk of infection,

  • Treated skin heals easily, and within a few days the scab falls off. Even the most sensitive skin can be treated with the Botched Ink removal technique


  • We’ve told you Botched Ink is gentle during treatment and this is because the pH of Botched Ink closely resembles the pH of healthy skin (between 4.5 and 5.75) which is slightly acidic and this results in only a mild sting during the treatment

Saline tattoo removal in sachets, not a bottle!

Ultimate Freshness and Hygiene

  • Botched Ink is the only saline tattoo removal product on the market that comes in single use sachets.

  • We use single use sachets for ultimate hygiene – no contamination between clients and no drying out of the saline solution

  • We use single use sachets because it is cost effect. One sachet completes a set of brows, we couldn’t make the price any better!

  • We use single use sachets because it limits the size of the area you can effectively treat per session – 1 sachet = 1 pair of brows


In the realm of tattoo removal, precision, safety, and efficacy are paramount. Botched Ink stands as a testament to innovation , offering a solution that transcends traditional saline removal methods. With its exclusive formulation, emphasis on professional training, and commitment to client safety, Botched Ink redefines the standards of tattoo removal

Whether addressing emergency removal scenarios or achieving optimal results over multiple sessions, Botched Ink's gentle yet powerful approach ensures a superior outcome

By choosing Botched Ink, individuals not only embark on a journey towards tattoo-free skin but also invest in the highest standards of care and expertise

Botched Ink training

Lisa Henning owner of Botched Ink saline solution

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