Bad Eyebrow Microblading

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What is Bad Microblading Really?!

Back to the previous decade, when I was first offering this treatment and the number of microblading artists was quickly growing, I had a chat with our local Health & Safety inspector and wanted to know why he wasn't checking artists skills as a technician, only checking their hygiene and training

What he said shocked me and at first I didn't like his reply...

Who are we to judge what's art, and what kind of eyebrows someone might like on their face!

Think about that for a moment. But it's true, what is art, and if someone visits a less than artistic technician and their new brows are mediocre at best, but the client loves them. Who are we to deny them loving their new brows!

Things only go wrong when a client expecting perfect eyebrows visits a mediocre artist, particularly one who doesn't show any real client photos. Particularly look for pictures of healed microblading

How do microblading disasters happen?

Each year many thousands of clients around the world look to improve their eyebrows with a microblading procedure to adjust the shape and color.Ā  Unfortunately a number of clients end up with bad microblading and you'll read of many microblading gone wrong stories

Sometimes microblading is a disaster and bad microblading just waiting to happen: the client didn't see or agree the shape before it was tattooed, the technician promised the shape would be smaller, higher or lower when it healed after the procedure, microblading mistakes or simply the shape agreed wasn't what was tattooed!

Why is Bad Microblading Happening?

The major problem with microblading eyebrows and permanent makeup is the lack of regulations stopping people with little experience microblading clients

Another issue creating microblading gone wrong stories is poor training courses available cheaply. More obscure microblading studio and training centers are generally operated by artists who are substandard themselves, this all leads to artist fails and bad microblading eyebrows

Bad Microblading Has Changed this Industry

Two years and more of lockdowns and the industry has changed dramatically, with more and more eyebrows training available online, with no model skin and live class to refine skills under the close observation of a trainer. This leads to artist fails, microblading mistakes, bad microblading eyebrows, and microblading gone wrong

A microblading artist's work is only as good as their experience, effort and natural skill. I don't believe anyone means to do botched brows or an uneven brow shape on someones eyebrows, they just didn't know how to do better

Can a Bad Microblading be Corrected?

If your microblading didnā€™t work as planned, you might not feel comfortable calling your eyebrow artist and asking them to fix your eyebrows, this leaves you needing to seek help from another artist. Semi-permanent makeup, including microblading, requires skilled correction to ensure the best results, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional correction services for eyebrows that have undergone microblading

Many artist do not perform brow correction at other artists work. Be aware that making changes complicates things and not all artists have the experience to understand colour and shape corrections

A microblading artist who also offers removal treatments should have the knowledge to help. We teach our Botched Ink official technicians how to understand pigments and colors, and they also have us offering them support if needed!

Does Microblading Gone Wrong Affect the Natural Hair?

Unless the botched eyebrows were particularly deep and caused scar tissue, bad microblading eyebrows do not typically affect the natural hair , even in extremely thin brows

Bad Eyebrows Cause Lots of Problems

A bad microblading job can lead to lack of pride and constant distress. People with brow problems tend to be more shy and avoid social situations in which they attract the looks from strangers. Additional touch up appointments add to the costs and saturate budgets in ways that could be bigger than you expected

Corrections and removals add additional trauma to the skin and bank balance, thus it's all quite draining and exhausting physically and mentally

Established cosmetic tattooists usually support stricter regulations for microblading, helping to reduce or even eliminate under-trained artist practicing permanent makeup

How do I Fade my Brows after Bad Microblading Eyebrows?

If you've experienced botched brows, please visit an experienced microblading artist for advice on how to proceed . If you would like to have a new brow tattoo or microblading procedure in the future, any attempt to fade bad eyebrows needs to preserve the skin, without causing any scarring or irritation

Laser tattoo removal is only best for the blackest of bad microblading, and even here a couple of sessions of Botched Ink at one of our approved microblading studio is recommended first

Common Microblading Mistakes a Microblading Artist Can Make

Microbladed brows is becoming more and more common, sometimes people over-plucked their brows or they have brows that aren't very full. Unfortunately the popularity of this microblading treatment can lead to many brow disasters. needing microblading correction

Many people aren't aware that microblading is still a form of tattooing, pigment is deposit and heals into the skin. Microbladed brows uses a hand tool which is a fine blade of needles, a number of needles lined up like a blade. The blade is drawn through the skin, creating a papercut effect which the pigment falls into

A microblading procedure can look natural or styled more like makeup, both beautiful when applied by an experienced microblading artist who is expert at working the tool into fine strokes or shading. But make the wrong choice of microblading artist and you may fall foul of botched and microblading gone wrong

Bad Eyebrow Microblading Obvious Risks

There are a number of 'YouTube stars' showing microblading disasters, they've seriously injured their clients by badly performing this procedure, it's unlikely they had proper training. In some cases microblading artists may have had some basic brow procedure training, but rather than learn from an experienced mentor, they just copied the 'YouTube stars', thinking that there wasn't any need to understand different skin types, brow styles, tattoo pigments, machines or needle skills

Unfortunately without support from a real trainer, it's hard for someone to notice bad habits have developed, and even though they may be an experienced artist, this doesn't mean they're a good one!

A careful and knowledgeable artist will take into account many factors before starting a microblading treatment, understanding the possibility of risks, if the client might sweat after a gym session, damaging the healing of the skin's surface.

Microblading Gone Wrong Leaves Woman Traumatised

When I first started in the cosmetic tattooing industry, back in 2012, most technicians were offering permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos. They were a certified professional technicians, offering clients and eyebrow tattoo session each working day

They were easy to research online, with a website or social media page dedicated to showing their work, and you often got a free consultation for your first appointment

These experienced artists used pigments that were designed to fade, requiring annual touch ups to maintain the pigment. A client might expect to pay a considerable amount for a treatment, but the risk of botched brows didn't happen nearly as much as it does now

Researching Your Artist helps Prevent Bad Microblading

Clients have so much more access to cosmetic tattoos, permanent makeup, and microblading via their local beauty salon,Ā  where previously they visited a specialist who only offered the microblading procedure

More and more people wanted to join the industry and learn microblading, which has a lower start up cost than cosmetic tattooing, where a tattoo machine might cost $1,000 or more

That's a lot of money when you're learning a new treatment and have to pay for training which is usually a few thousand dollars. So microblading quickly grew as a treatment easily accessed by technicians entering the industry

Some have a natural talent, putting beautiful work on their clients faces, others found their brow drawing skills didn't convert quite when using a hand tool to work the skin. Consider that a microblading artist works on a different type of canvas each time they work on a new client!

The Price of Bad Microblading Correction

To have a good healed treatment, the client has eyebrows with no infection in the site,Ā  their body accepted the tattoo and there's a touch up to add more pigment or refine the shape, that's not a bad price

We all know the memory of how much we paid for something soon fades, but the first sign something has gone wrong and the price paid will fade too, as further costs, either emotional or financial, will soon start to happen after bad brows microbladed

"How dare you! You need to fix this!!" or worse. Microblading gone wrong leaves woman traumatised that the microblading process didn't work for her, or him!

A touch up appointment usually fixes anything that needs tweaking after the first appointment, and a skilled microblading artist usually likes to see how brows have settled after the healing process to know if and where any more pigment needs implanting

But sometimes a removal treatment is the only way to fix a microblading disaster

Botched Eyebrows & Bad Microblading Removal Procedure

The problem happens when the best work is expected from artists who donā€™t actually show the best work , or a client has an idea of what microblading should be, but doesnā€™t know how to check the person offering microblading treatments can do the work they have in mind

Just think how many times we visit a hairdresser with a photo of the style weā€™d like, and the hairdresser knows to kindly explain that wonā€™t work with our hair type of suit our face shape. Why would it be that much different getting a brow shape tattooed on our face?

You know when youā€™re in the hands of an expert, you just know itā€¦ but you also know when things donā€™t feel right. So always remember, this is a tattoo on your face, and it takes experience to work on your skin

Ask questions and donā€™t be afraid to get a second opinion if youā€™re not sure about anything. Itā€™s your face after all, and you donā€™t want to end up with a disastrous brow treatment that didnā€™t turn out like the photo you showed microblading artist working on it. It's crucial to consider the client's skin tone when selecting pigments for microblading to ensure the most natural and flattering results


In conclusion, navigating the realm of microblading requires careful consideration and research to avoid potential pitfalls such as bad eyebrow microblading. While the artistry of microblading offers transformative results, the lack of regulations and increasing accessibility to training have contributed to an upsurge in botched brow stories. Understanding the risks associated with microblading gone wrong is essential for both technicians and clients alike

When faced with bad microblading, seeking correction from an experienced and skilled artist is paramount. Whether through touch-up appointments or removal procedures, addressing botched brows requires delicate care to preserve skin integrity and achieve desired outcomes. Additionally, conducting thorough research and asking questions before undergoing microblading can help mitigate the risk of dissatisfaction and disappointment

Ultimately, microblading is an art form that requires expertise, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of skin tones and pigments. By prioritizing quality over convenience and seeking guidance from reputable professionals, individuals can enjoy the benefits of microblading while minimizing the likelihood of encountering eyebrow disasters

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