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Learning about Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent makeup, also known as semi permanent makeup, has gained immense popularity over the years, offering a lasting enhancement of features. However, as trends and personal preferences evolve, so does the need for effective removal methods

This demand has led to a rise in permanent makeup removal courses, equipping practitioners with the skills needed to safely and effectively erase these semi permanent tattoos

Understanding Permanent Makeup and its Removal

Permanent makeup involves the application of pigment into the skin to mimic the appearance of cosmetics. Common procedures include eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, and lip liner. Despite its long-lasting nature, many people seek to remove or correct these tattoos due to changes in style, unsatisfactory results, or pigment migration

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a popular method used to break down pigment molecules in the skin. Lasers emit light energy that the tattoo pigment absorbs, causing molecules in the ink to break into smaller particles that the body can naturally eliminate

Most lasers used for this purpose are highly effective but can be painful and require multiple sessions to complete it. Laser tattoo removal is suitable for various skin types and tattoo colors, although some pigments, especially lighter ones, can be challenging to remove

It's only in recent years that a few laser techs either learned, or took specific removal training on how to use laser on cosmetic tattoo pigments. Unlike with body tattoos, eyebrow pigments are a blend of several colours, ⚫🔴🟡⚪ to make the various shades of brown, and then the correction colours 🟠🟢. These get revealed by laser during the removal process. Specialist filters and expert knowlege is then required to get the best results using laser on eyebrows

Photo by Chelcie from @chelcieandco_ in Walsall, West Midlands, showing results after one Botched Ink non-laser tattoo removal treatment, after a laser patch test showed a funky colour

Chelcie says: "Top picture is prior to the first session of saline removal. The little red tonesd square visible is a test patch for laser removal, in which this client chose against. The bottom picture is just before starting the second session, healed after the first and look at those results! We cannot wait to be rid of these brows and rework them into something beautiful 🪄✨"

Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline removal is an alternative to laser treatment and has long been considered the most popular removal treatment for permanent makeup and microblading removal due to its safety and effectiveness.  Saline removes all colours each session.This method of treatment involves injecting a saline solution into the tattooed area, which binds to the pigment and draws it to the skin’s surface. The removal process involves fewer risks of scarring compared to laser treatment and can be used on a wider range of pigments and skin types

Online Saline Removal Course

An online saline removal training course is an excellent option for those looking to gain expertise without the constraints of attending in-person classes. These online courses often include video tutorials, live demonstrations with live models, and comprehensive training materials. Participants learn about the saline solution, its application, and the aftercare necessary to ensure optimal healing and pigment removal

Training and Courses for Permanent Makeup Removal

To become proficient in permanent makeup removal, enrolling in specialized removal training is essential. These courses provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with both laser and saline removal techniques

Training Academy

For those seeking a more structured learning environment, a training academy offering fully accredited courses covering both laser tattoo removal and saline removal is a ideal option. These academies provide extensive training, including hands-on practice, case studies, and the opportunity to work with different skin types and pigments. However most academies offer removal training in one modality, saline or laser

At Botched Ink we pride ourselves on at least discussing best practice and when to combine removal treatments, which is preferable to saying one is better than the other. When a client has particularly dark and saturated eyebrows, or brows that show any warm pigment, saline is always the first option. Laser is best to finish off once the majority or pigment and funky colours have been removed. We don't want clients to be left with Yellow Brows after Laser

Course Structure and Content

Most permanent makeup removal courses, whether online or in a training academy, cover the following topics:

  • Skin Anatomy and Healing : Understanding how the skin responds to different removal techniques and the healing process

  • Laser and Saline Techniques : Detailed instructions on using laser machines and saline solutions, including safety protocols and pre-requisite knowledge

  • Client Consultation and Assessment : How to assess the client's skin and tattoo, set realistic expectations, and create a suitable treatment plan

  • Hands-On Practice : Practical sessions with live models or simulated environments to develop real-world skills

  • Case Studies and Reviews : Analyzing different cases to understand various outcomes and improve problem-solving skills

Insurance and Certification

Completing a permanent makeup removal course often results in a certificate, which is crucial for obtaining insurance company coverage. An insurance company typically requires proof of training to cover potential liabilities associated with the removal process. Ensuring that the course is fully accredited is vital to meet industry standards and gain the necessary insurance

Cost and Accessibility

The cost of these courses can vary significantly based on the mode of learning (online vs. in-person), the depth of content, and the institution offering the training. Many courses offer payment plans or discounts for early purchase or registration. It’s important to consider the long-term value of the skills and knowledge gained when evaluating the cost

Comprehensive Training

With the rising demand for permanent makeup removal, pursuing a specialized course in this field can open new career opportunities for beauty professionals. Whether completed through an online saline removal course or a comprehensive training academy, acquiring the skills to perform safe and effective removal treatments is an invaluable addition to your professional repertoire

If you trained in microblading or permanent makeup within the last 2 years, or have little experience with different needle skills and depths, ensure you choose a course that provides hands-on practice, thorough theoretical knowledge, and a recognized certificate to set yourself apart in this growing industry

Additional Considerations

Skills and Knowledge

Developing expertise in permanent makeup removal requires a deep understanding of skin anatomy, pigment molecules, and the various techniques available. Whether you're learning online or in person, practical skills are crucial for success. Hands-on training with live models, detailed case studies, previous experience, and thorough theoretical knowledge ensure that practitioners are well-prepared to handle a variety of removal scenarios

Client Management and Consultation

Effective client consultation is a cornerstone of successful permanent makeup removal. Understanding the client's needs, assessing their skin type, and discussing the potential outcomes and risks are vital. Courses often emphasize the importance of communication skills, ensuring practitioners can set realistic expectations for clients and provide appropriate aftercare advice

Industry Standards and Continuing Education

The field of permanent makeup and tattoo removal is constantly evolving, with new techniques and technologies emerging regularly. Staying updated with industry standards and continuing education through advanced courses or workshops is essential. This ongoing learning ensures that practitioners maintain high standards of safety and efficacy in their treatments

In conclusion, whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, a comprehensive permanent makeup removal course can enhance your skills and expand your service offerings. By choosing a fully accredited online course that covers both laser and saline removal techniques, you can ensure that you provide the best possible care to your clients, backed by thorough training and industry-recognized certification

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permanent makeup removal course saline removal laser tattoo removal training
permanent makeup removal course saline removal laser tattoo removal training
permanent makeup removal course saline removal laser tattoo removal training
permanent makeup removal course saline removal laser tattoo removal training
permanent makeup removal course saline removal laser tattoo removal training
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