Botched Ink saline tattoo removal training
Botched Ink saline tattoo removal training
Botched Ink saline tattoo removal online training
Botched Ink saline tattoo removal online training

Talisa Soto of Eyedolized Brows - New Jersey, US

🧡 Training dates can be on our advertised dates, or you can arrange a model class directly with your trainer. Scroll down for Talisa's contact details

BOOKING DEPOSIT: Includes our comprehensive online pre-study, student kit and ongoing tech support. After booking, we'll enrol you online and ship out the training manuals. You have 12 months to complete the online pre-study and model class for certification, and get the rest of your student kit, which includes Botched Ink serum

MODEL CLASS: Balance payment due $800 to your trainer. Talisa is an established PMU tech and trainer, we also love her knowledge and experience as a removal specialist

Total training price $1495

Customised Training Days

The Botched Ink model class is around 3-4 hours, you'll get to watch and work on live models. Our trainers also offer upskilling training for an agreed price. You can contact Botched Ink trainers directly to book a date, or create a customised training day and price. This is a huge bonus our trainers offer due to their passion and industry experience!

Customised training days affect the price i.e. the Botched Ink model class plus a PMU brow upskilling class = Agreed price. Discuss this directly with your trainer 😊

Regular price£550 GBP
  • Available
  • Inventory on the way

Pre-Training Requirements

Botched Ink® is our exclusive saline removal solution, we only supply techs we've trained

This course is for certified microblading and permanent makeup (eyebrows) technicians who are new to removal. You’ll need to upload a photo of your training certificate, if you have any problems with this, let us know. However, if your trainer is also your Botched Ink trainer, they can enrol you here

Your Trainer & Location

Talisa Soto, Eyedolized Brows. Little Falls, New Jersey. United States. Contact: Website - Instagram

What’s Included?

Booking deposit payment:

  • 💻 Botched Ink® Training (online): Saline tattoo removal training using Botched Ink®. Course includes 5.5 hours of in-depth knowledge, theory, tips and advice, plus around 60 minutes of demo videos focusing on key points. All designed for you to confidently and successfully offer Botched Ink® treatments
  • 💻 Correction & Removal Specialist (online): 1 hour advanced pigment knowledge, helping techs understand the pigment they’ll be removing
  • 📦 Student Kit (worth £150): Hard copies of 2 training manuals, our 62 page Botched Ink® training manual and the 22 page Correction & Removal Specialist manual. A pack of 10 x 2ml Botched Ink® sachets and aftercare leaflets, 10 x consultation forms, 10 x Cavilon sachets (aftercare), and other goodies too, like samples of our hand tool, practice skin, pigment pots. The training manuals are released first, the rest of the kit upon completion of the model class

After model class payment to trainer:

  • 🧤 Model Class (in-person): Training with an approved Botched Ink trainer. Dates and times to be confirmed with trainer. You’ll get to watch and work on models, and with a maximum 4 students per trainer you'll receive plenty of personal support
  • 📞 1-2-1 Call: Book a call with us after your first client or model, to debrief and ask us any questions. This call is with Lisa, head trainer and the owner of Botched Ink

Training Certificates

Upon completion you'll receive two training certificates, one from us for the online part of your training, another from your trainer for the model class you completed with them

Free Updates & Refreshers: Once you complete Botched Ink training, approved techs have continued access to online training courses. We also have a private Facebook support group which is full of advice and tips, plus all the support we personally offer via message, email or phone

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

After paying the Booking Deposit to us, Botched Ink, further payments are made directly to your model class trainer. Until the balance payment is made, you can swap to a different trainer

Refunds: Once we’ve accepted you as a student and enrolled you in the online pre-study, there are no refunds for any reason. When the model class payment is made to your chosen trainer, there are no refunds or transfers to another trainer

Talisa's Cancellation Policy: 72 hours notice to reschedule a training course. If you're unable to attend a booked model class, you may transfer, by prior notice and agreement, your place to another confirmed date. If there is any remaining balance due for your training, this needs to be paid before your trainer can transfer the date


Existing Training Requirement: This course is available to technicians already certified in microblading or permanent makeup (eyebrows) after receiving in-person training. If you’re only certified in lip blush, skin camouflage, areola, freckles or scalp micropigmentation, Botched Ink training is not suitable for you

Active & New Technicians: We check that you’re currently working as a microblading or permanent makeup technician via your social media or website. Inactive profiles may affect your certification or supply of Botched Ink serum. This doesn’t apply to new techs, we can see this from your training certificate

Licensing & Insurance: It's your responsibility to check you're allowed to offer saline tattoo removal or lightening treatments at your location, and that your insurance company recognises saline tattoo removal and Botched Ink

Removal Trainers: Without prior agreement, we do not offer any removal training, or supply Botched Ink serum to removal trainers, or techs working for training companies offering removal. This is a conflict of interest. Only trainers who hold an active signed training agreement with us, can offer or associate themselves with Botched Ink treatments or training 

Body Tattoos, Eyeliner & Lip Tattoos: Botched Ink is not approved for use on these areas. Botched Ink is an advanced removal serum, and what makes it so wonderful for eyebrows, lip liner, freckles and small areas of scalp micropigmentation, make it too risky or dangerous for other areas. Body tattoos includes not being suitable for camouflage tattoos under eyes or on the body, and medical tattoos such as areola

Being a Botched Ink Tech

As an official Botched Ink tech, we're in this together. Botched Ink is a brand you represent, not just another product in the drawer!

It's vital you stay up-to-date with our treatment advice and recommendations. Engaging with our communications helps ensure successful and safe treatments, enabling clients to have easy healing and the best results. We keep you updated via email, our Official Tech Resources, and the Botched Ink tech Facebook support group

Free for Official Botched Ink Techs

  • Online Tech Resources, adverts and promo materials
  • Free online training updates and refreshers
  • Private Facebook group for Official techs
  • Monthly Zoom meetings with Lisa
  • Email updates and news

Conflicts for Botched Ink as a Brand

There might be instances where we need to part ways with a technician we've trained, preventing them from purchasing Botched Ink serum, or using our trademarks

The main reasons have been that the technician:

  • Started offering Saline Tattoo Removal training
  • Working on clients against our training advice or safe practice. Our first intention is to maintain the relationship with understanding and education

Listing on our Find a Tech Map

Being listed on the Botched Ink Find a Tech map isn't guaranteed. We feature active technicians who likely have in-date Botched Ink available. If a tech doesn’t have their own business website or social media page, showing them as a named PMU or microblading tech, we reserve the right to not list

Being clear and transparent from the start, shows our commitment to the support and guidance we offer Botched Ink techs, and care for the clients who visit them

Revised & Upgraded

In November 2023, we launched our fully reworked Botched Ink® online training. Botched Ink® continues to lead the way for cosmetic tattoo removal, both our training and exclusive Botched Ink® removal solution! We've revised and upgraded our training information into a new, easy-to-understand fundamental training, plus an additional Correction & Removal Specialist course

We were already ahead of the pack, and now firmly believe Botched Ink® training is next level - You get both courses plus the model class!

Botched Ink® Syllabus

1. Background & Formalities (53:47)

Downloads for training, including 62 page training manual and client forms

  • 1.1 Intro & Trademarks (08:46)
  • 1.2 Brand Standards (11:30)
  • 1.3 The Saline Story (08:04)
  • 1.4 The Botched Ink® Story (06:24)
  • 1.5 Growing Botched Ink® (09:16)
  • 1.6 Correction & Removal Specialist (09:47)
  • Your Existing Knowledge

2. Getting to Know Botched Ink® (01:11:23)

  • 2.1 Why use Salt (04:47)
  • The Botched Ink® Difference Pt. 1 (18:22)
  • The Botched Ink® Difference Pt. 2 (20:24)
  • 2.2 Botched Ink® Ingredients (10:12)
  • 2.3 Bleeding & Healing (05:49)
  • 2.4 Areas not Approved (11:49)
  • Quiz. 10 Questions

3. Tools & Techniques (44:26)

  • 3.1 Numbing & Needles (05:27)
  • 3.2 Techniques & Video (15:43)
  • 3.3 Method Videos (15:25)
  • 3.4 Depth, Speed, Machines (07:51)
  • Quiz. 5 Questions

    4. The 3Cs: Consult, Caution & Consider (01:44:12) 

    • 4.1 Old Permanent Makeup (13:44)
    • 4.2 Assessing an Existing Tattoo (11:53)
    • 4.3 Contraindications (10:00)
    • 4.4 Client Form & Additional Info Request (10:14)
    • 4.5 Intro Botched Ink® & Laser Video (01:39)
    • Botched Ink® & Laser Pt.1 (12:18)
    • Botched Ink® & Laser Pt.2 (36:07)
    • 4.6 Recap Botched Ink® & Laser Video (08:18)
    • Quiz. 5 Questions

    5. How to: Method & Videos (44:26)

    • 5.1 Setting up your Trolley (10:24)
    • 5.2 Method Theory & Model Videos (18:36)
    • 5.3 Step by Step, Tips & Advice (07:17)
    • 5.4 Emergency Tattoo Removal, Lip Liner, SMP & Freckles (08:09)
    • Quiz. 5 Questions

    6. Aftercare (08:38)

    • 6.1 Botched Ink® Aftercare (04:00)
    • 6.2 Normal Healing, Risks & Concerns (04:38)
    • Quiz. 5 Questions

    7. Course of Treatments (10:07)

    • 7.1 Still Healing or Skin Stain (04:15)
    • 7.2 Course of Treatments (05:52)
    • Quiz. 5 Questions

    8. Additional Information (09:04)

    • 8. Tips & Good for Business (09:04)

    9. Troubleshooting (10:12)

    • 9. Troubleshooting (10:12)

    10. Official Botched Ink® Techs (32:40)

    • 10.1 Official Botched Ink® Techs (11:26)
    • 10.2 Bonus Content & Course Completion (21:14)
    • Your Review & Feedback

    Total (06:35:02). Includes 1 hour of demo videos, plus loads of high value learning, tips and advice from our 10+ years as a tech, trainer and Botched Ink® brand owner since 2019

    This curriculum is Copyright Botched Ink Ltd 2023 - All rights reserved

    Correction & Removal Specialist

    Some key info taken from the original course, and new info shared about Rescue & Revive®. Botched Ink® is the first removal brand to not only focus on removing bad work, but using our exclusive and gentle serum to maintain beautiful brows of the years

    Training manual, 22 pages

    • Introduction (05:48)
    • 1. Pigment Types Affecting Removal (13:28)
    • 2. Tattooing & Removal Process (08:12)
    • 3. Pigment Degradation (04:48)
    • 4. Build-up of Pigments (09:35)
    • 5. Colour Corrections (09:44)
    • 6. Red Flag Clients (07:05)
    • 7. Rescue & Revive® (07:26)
    • Quiz. 10 questions
    • Course Completion (01:31)

    Total (01:07:37)

    This curriculum is Copyright Botched Ink Ltd 2023 - All rights reserved

    You need to complete the online pre-study to work on models

    Our model class is packed full of additional tips and advice from experienced trainers, you'll get to watch and work on several models.All Botched Ink® training courses are run by experienced removal techs who are also experienced trainers, each having a wealth of industry experience and removal knowledge

    Botched Ink® and Botched® are registered trademarks for the product and training. The Botched Ink logo is also a registered trademark

    These trademarks are owned by Beautiful Ink Ltd, which is solely owned by Lisa Henning, the owner, developer and head trainer of Botched Ink® and Botched Ink Ltd. Permission is given to approved Botched Ink® techs and trainers to promote or associate themselves with the brand and our trademarks

    Introducing Talisa

    Hi, I’m Tali, the owner of Eyedolized Brows Salon and Academy in New Jersey. I’ve been in the permanent makeup industry since 2017 and absolutely love what I do! Teaching is my true passion, and I approach it as a coach, ensuring my students get the best support and knowledge. I’m always learning, attending advanced courses and mentorships to stay hands-on and innovative.

    As a licensed and certified Platinum Instructor with the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), I’m proud to be one of the most dedicated instructors out there. At Eyedolized Brows, I’m here to empower you with the skills and confidence to excel in permanent makeup. I’d love the chance to teach you and share my passion for this amazing industry.

    Talisa Soto, Eyedolized Brows. Little Falls, New Jersey. United States. Contact: Website - Instagram

    Training Schedule

    For microbladers and less experienced PMU techs, we have in-person training, with a model class in addition to the Online Training. We currently have dates in the UK and US, with more trainers joining the team!