Pigments are MORE than organic, iron oxide or hybrid colours, they're in a carrier fluid Discover how ALL ingredients affect tattooing, healing, retention and removal
Pigments are MORE than organic, iron oxide or hybrid colours, they're in a carrier fluid Discover how ALL ingredients affect tattooing, healing, retention and removal

Carrier Fluid Ingredients Masterclass

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This Masterclass is for certified microblading and permanent makeup techs, traditional tattooists, laser and non-laser removal techs
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I'm very excited to introduce you to my 'What's in Your Pigment' online Masterclass – a groundbreaking course that delves into the often overlooked ingredients in tattoo pigments, the carrier fluid

This is the first, and original Masterclass on carrier fluid ingredients

Discover how ingredients such as glycerin, polysorbate 20, propylene glycol, rosin, and PVP can affect tattooing, healing, retention, and the removal processes

While other permanent makeup pigment training courses focus on colour theory, iron oxide, organic and hybrid pigments, colour corrections and mastering your skills as a technician, this course focuses on what else is in your pigment bottles – The Elephant in the Room!

90 minutes presentation:

  • Introduction
  • The Elephant in the Room
  • Carrier Fluid Ingredients
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Consequences for Removal
  • Conclusion

Unlock the secrets of your tattoo pigments, and learn how carrier fluids can help elevate your skills as an artist

Just like beauty creams and serums, certain ingredients get highlighted, like 1% hyaluronic acid or retinol, but what makes up the rest of the ingredients, known as the cosmetic base. And what effect do the base ingredients have on how the cream feels, how easily it’s absorbed, and in to which layers of the skin

Look at your tattoo pigment bottles, you’re likely to see quite a list of ingredients. How do different types of carrier fluid ingredients affect the pigment powder, and how does this then affects tattooing, healing, retention and removal? 

Enrol on my course, and you'll find out!

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When we enrol you on the 'What's in your Pigment' Masterclass, you're sent an enrolment email with login details to access the course. This means you lose any right to cancel or request a refund. You will be able to access the course for 12 months from purchase

Customer Reviews

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Emma Davis
Excellent & informative

As always, Lisa has extensively researched this subject and is so generous with her knowledge. All technicians offering PMU should take this course so they can not only, know their products, but also confidently choose a pigment range best suited to their needs. Looking forward to further courses offered by Botched Ink. Thanks Lisa for doing the hard work !

Sharon McCormack
Very knowledgeable and interesting masterclass packed with useful interesting info!

Wow what a great masterclass. Was blown away with all the knowledge that was provided on this course. A lot to take in, will have to go through it again just to make sure I haven't missed anything. You won't be disappointed by doing this course as it is very interesting and insightful. Amazing the stuff I wasn't aware of. Looking forward to doing it again and doing some more research, gave me a lot to think about and will make me look at the pigments i'm using. Thank you Lisa for a fantastic masterclass

Alethea Stockton
Good class

Good class. I love Lisa's energy and laughter. I wish it would have maybe given a little more information regarding brands. And I still feel a little lost as to what exactly these new carriers can and can't do. But I feel this is a class that will be added to as time goes and we see what these extra ingredients do. I am glad to have received this class as the forefront to the information. I also think this class shows us all the unknowns of the changes. I have checked the brands I use and I had 1 brand that had the extra carrier fluid. It was surprising which one. I love science and information and this was so good in both.

Claire Stokes
Jam packed with useful interesting info!

I absolutely loved this course, it was full of interesting info that I've not heard covered before. It's shed light on the ingredients in pigments that don't get talked about.and why it's important to know. I loved it so much I'm going to watch it all again

Tanya Hasen
Excellent and informative

Lisa explained everything well and is relatable in her approach. I only wish we could touch on some or the con's with carriers but I understand why this may be left out at this stage. Thanks Botched Ink, will be back

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