How Long Does Microblading Last

Are Microblading Results Semi Permanent?

A typical microblading procedure, if superficially implanted, can last around twelve months, however how long does microblading last can vary considerably depending on many factors. Let's look at the main factors that affect microblading results

The healing process for microbladed brows is very important, following the aftercare instructions given by your trained professional is key to perfect brows and your new brow shape. After the initial treatment treatment, returning for a touch up session where more pigment can be implanted as needed

This helps prolong the results of new brows. It's totally normal during the microblading healing process for the brows to change color as they heal, as the skin is also going though a recovery process

A microblading treatment is often considered semipermanent, however the pigments used can be a version of those used for traditional tattooing. The pigment deposited by a tattoo gun or hand tool into a desired shape, often matching hair color

In the past few years clients have favoured an eyebrow enhancement that has hair like strokes, beautiful brows have developed so that microblading eyebrows fades over the months. However this is a tattoo, and some permanent change to the skin has been made, and some pigment colors last longer in the skin than others

Skin type and texture

Microblading is usually the easiest method to use on normal to dry skin. Microblading may not last for someone with excess oil and oily skin. Oily skin can also decrease microblading effectiveness with hair strokes, because sebum actually pushes pigments away. Similar is true, how long does microblading last with people that have larger pores, as they tend to produce more sebum

For clients with these skin types who want their eyebrows microbladed, it can be a better alternative to get powder brows instead. Powder brows is semi permanent makeup which lasts longer as a tattoo machine is used instead of a hand tool

For those clients with medical conditions, health conditions or undergoing chemotherapy, a personal interview may be required before carrying out a treatment. A patch test may be offered for the pigment and numbing cream

Clients with sparse brows, looking for an ideal shape, can suit microbladed eyebrows, it's worth practicing with brow powder to get used to having eyebrows

How long does microblading last?

Excessive Sweating or Swimming

To help get the best microblading results during the healing process, you must avoid wetting the brow area. If you do get your brows wet, gently blot the area dry

If sweat is left around eyebrows, it draws up some of the pigments, so the result may fade quicker. Saltwater can shorten microblading performance, while chemicals in pool chemicals cause the oxidization process which results in microblading pigments fading faster, and they may well change color!

Certain Skincare Products and Facials

Certain ingredients found in beauty treatments can reduce how long does microblading last, steer clear of harsh exfoliants and Vitamin A, retinocoid acid. This product speeds up cell renewal causing rapid loss of pigment. It's worth looking at your skincare routine a week prior to microblading. Wait to use fish oil and other active skincare until your brows have completely healed

Does microblading hurt? Many microblading artists use topical anesthetics, and this is usually included in the cost. When you ask how much does microblading cost, it's worth asking other questions about the treatment. See if how your artist knows how long does microblading last?

Frequent sun exposure

We all experience skin irritation from direct sunlight. Upon exposure to the cosmetic tattoo pigments it creates an active reaction with the pigment in the skin. The pigment changes color and will fade faster than they should and more microblading touch ups will be needed after the first appointment to maintain a good color. Worth keeping a health savings account!

How long does Microblading last, will it fade away completely?

How long does microblading last? Generally speaking microblading will gradually fade out without touch-ups. Some colours last longer than others and can eventually fade, though deeply implanted pigment and some types of black pigment, can remain forever. Shades of red, orange and russet from old pigment need professional removal, as they also can remain forever

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