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long-term maintenance of beautiful brows

Over time hair strokes, ombré and other delicate work looks more grey, as red and yellow pigments fade before black (there isn't such a thing as brown pigment). We advise incorporating Botched Ink Revive into your long term treatment plan, allowing your technician to continue delivering their best work

If you keep adding pigment, you'll get solid brows which need more removal sessions...

Botched Ink Revive

Topics covered on this page

  • Maintaining hair stroke and ombré brows
  • Faded and saturated pigment
  • Revive treatment plan

You wouldn't put fresh makeup on top of yesterdays!

For the long-term maintenance of brows you love! Particularly suitable for hair strokes, ombré brows and other delicate work

Our industry has changed dramatically in recent years. The beauty and skills offered by technicians who tirelessly practice and further their education, allows a quality of work not previously seen

The pigments used for microblading and permanent makeup have also changed, they implant in the skin much more easily, allowing less pigment to be used more superficially in the skin. Gone are the days of solid tattooed brows!

Hair stroke brows and microblading are so popular, and some work does look truly stunning, but what happens over the coming months and years to the fine hair strokes? The truth is they blur out over time and techs can’t always go over the same stroke again without them too thick

Add to this that some pigments last a very long time, typically black pigment, creating new problems when it comes to maintaining and correcting in the future, when brows have faded to a more ash grey colour

Here’s where Botched Ink Revive steps in, using our lightening serum to freshen up any existing pigment, removing just enough for the new pigment to look beautiful

Experienced and Passionate Techs want you to hear this!

To work on existing pigment it’s best if the old color has faded by 70-80%, then any new pigment will look fresh and as intended. Any more than this and it’s just a coverup and brows will look more solid

But the next time you need a refresh, how saturated is your skin now? Do you wait a few more years till the pigment fades more, or do you have a session or two of a gentle removal treatment to speed things along

The colour of pigment molecules fades over time, but the pigment molecule remains in the skin forever. With multiple top-ups, this leads to pigment saturation and weird colours, it's best to deal with pigment as you go along, not when you have a problem

Stay with the tech who did your beautiful brows if you can, they know your skin and the pigments they used. And if they're not talking to you about removal treatments, I'm sure they'll be grateful you understand the process

Planning to incorporate Botched Ink Revive into your long term treatment plan will allow your technician to continue delivering their best work. Skin with more than 50% pigment saturation is difficult to work with, much of the implanted color won’t heal in, so it's wasted money – This is where Botched Ink Rescue is needed to turn back the clock on the old pigment! 

say no to saturation
Botched Ink Revive Treatment Plan

A Botched Ink Revive treatment is carried out on a separate appointment from any new pigment work, leaving 8-12 weeks between sessions if there isn’t much pigment saturation

If more than 2 removal treatments are needed, the skin was too saturated, or the pigment too deeply implanted, and that would be Botched Ink Rescue, and longer needed before adding new pigment

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