What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

If you've ever had a microblading disaster or need to fix your eyebrow tattoo, I'm sure the thought of having them reworked has crossed your mind. Saline tattoo removal is the most popular option amongst makeup tattooists for safe and effective removal and lightening of unwanted pigment.  This method is perfect especially for those client who want their brows reworked with pigment in the future!

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How does Saline Tattoo Removal Work ?

When Botched Ink® is implanted into skin, the area quickly dries out.  If the skin contains tattoo pigment this will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process

Cosmetic tattoo pigments, like those used for microblading and permanent makeup, respond so well and safely to saline tattoo removal that it’s the removal solution most recommended by technicians for any bad or unwanted work that needs fixing, improving or removing

Historically saline tattoo removal was as simple as salt and a pod of saline, unfortunately this is harsh on the skin and painful for the client; ‘rubbing salt in the wound’ isn’t a pleasant experience.   Today, thankfully there's specially formulated solutions, and Botched Ink® is one of these

Each brand of saline solution works differently, with the added ingredients making a difference to the implant method, healing and results - Botched Ink® Ingredients

The saline removal solution is implanted using a tattoo machine or hand tool, the salt dries out the skin it’s implanted into.  Treated skin forms a dried-out scab during healing, and during treatments you’ll see the scab contains some of the tattoo pigment

what is saline tattoo removal, microblading disaster, cosmetic tattoo gone wrong, eyebrow tattoo get rid fix

What is Saline Tattoo Removal ?

Saline tattoo removal is the most widely used and recommended product for cosmetic tattooing, used to lift, lighten and correct bad or unwanted microblading, permanent makeup, and scalp micropigmentation.  For decades it's been trusted by technicians so be safe and effective removing pigment

So let's start with what is saline.  Saline is a mix of salt and water; it has many uses:

Lower concentrations of salt

Isotonic saline is used to hydrate cells by osmosis. Saline used for eyewash is 0.9%, saline IV drips are normally 0.9%, sports drinks contain salt to replace salt lost due to sweating. Isotonic saline is not effective for tattoo removal

Higher concentrations of salt

Hypertonic salt and saline solutions dehydrate cells by osmosis. When heated, salt on pork fat dries out for crispy crackling. salt soaks up freshly spilt red wine, and salt does bubbly things to snails! Hypertonic saline is effective for tattoo removal

The hydrating and dehydrating of cells by osmosis is quickly visualised using the example of a drying out and drooping plant, brought back to hydration with a drink of water.  The dried-out cells puff back up and the plant no longer droops

what is saline tattoo removal, microblading disaster, cosmetic tattoo gone wrong, eyebrow tattoo get rid fix

Benefits of using Botched Ink® for Tattoo Removal

Gentle during treatment:  Botched Ink® pH closely resembles healthy skin, meaning only a mild sting which disappears very quickly.  The formula includes Aloe Vera which really helps the solution soak into the skin, without needing to over traumatise you or your skin

Quickly dries skin, forming a thin scab:  Skin treated with Botched Ink® starts to dry out within the first few hours.  For you this means minimal inflammation and associated risk of scarringplus minimal risk of infection

Tattoos can look better during healing:  Many clients worry what they’ll look like during healing, the answer when using Botched Ink® is the treated area usually looks better.  Unwanted grey or orange brows will look shades of brown during the healing process, so you’re likely to get complimented on your new eyebrows for a few days !

After 48 hours clients can shower and use aftercare:  When treated skin is fully dried you can begin using the prescribed aftercare serum, this makes scabbing and healing more pleasant

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