Dry Tattooing scars and stretch marks MCA micro skin needling training course
Dry Tattooing scars and stretch marks micro skin needling training course
Dry Tattooing scars and stretch marks micro skin needling training course
Dry Tattooing scars and stretch marks micro skin needling training course
Dry Tattooing scars and stretch marks micro skin needling training course

Dry Tattooing & Needling Masterclass

My Secrets for Skin Needling the Body 🧡

Also known as: How to get results!

Prerequisite: Existing cosmetic tattooing or skin needling training


4+ hours online recorded presentation

Discover how to achieve the best results working on scars and stretch marks, whether you already offer body treatments, or are interested in knowing more

In my Masterclass, I'll share advanced knowledge from my experience working on 100s of clients and their scars and stretch marks, using a tattoo machine, also derma roller and derma pen

This is not a skin needling training course, there is no certification after completion. This Masterclass focuses on body skin and getting results, rather than 'How to' and needle techniques

👋 New to this treatment? In-person training and model class

  • Train with me, Lisa Henning the owner of Botched Ink
  • Think I know about saline, I knew damaged skin first!
  • I've carried out 1000s of dry tattooing treatments

Learn my best tips for results, and hear the truth about this popular treatment

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Re-Introducing my First Love

Dry Tattooing was my first baby, I trained back in 2013 and was the first to call this treatment Dry Tattooing. Back then, a couple of techs were saying MCA Micro Needling, or Collagen Induction therapy, also known as dry tattooing, but no-one was actually calling the treatment Dry Tattooing. I liked it, so I did!

🧡 My article on Dry Tattooing published on The Consulting Room aesthetic treatments website in 2014 

I wrote my original Dry Tattooing training course in 2015, and I went on to train students from around the world, but as several quickly became trainers themselves, I decided to step back and have another baby, who grew in to Botched Ink!

It's because of my knowledge working on damaged skin, scars and stretch marks, that I knew how to develop Botched Ink to be a gentle and effective removal serum

With a surge of stretch mark and scar tattooing, using both inkless and camouflage pigments, timing feels right to share again the Masterclass knowledge I gained working on 100s of clients, and their scars and stretch marks. This time round, you have an online masterclass, and easier access to all my knowledge about this treatment!

👋 New to this treatment? In-person training and model class

Check out my Experience 

You can use this Masterclass to check out just how much I've learned about Dry Tattooing, and improving scars and stretch marks

If you book the online masterclass, and then go on to take the Beginners Training with me, you’ll get a discount for the price you paid 

Topics Covered

This online Masterclass is just over 4 hours, and includes:

  • Different types of skin needling devices and the ease of results
  • Clients wanting 'trial areas' to see stretch mark results
  • How soon can you work on scars and stretch marks
  • The healing and results process
  • Naturally repigment light and shiny scars and stretch marks
  • Working with various skin types and colours
  • False positive results
  • What works best, and what doesn't respond so well
  • Self-injury and self-harm scars
  • Skin needling lines and wrinkles
  • Different types of scars and stretch marks, deep, wide etc.
  • Pre-care, aftercare, course of treatments

There's a workbook available to download


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Irina Mackay
Great course!

I highly recommend Lisa's dry tattooing course. This has been the most informative skin needling course that I have taken to date. Lisa is the real deal, she has so much experience to share! I can't wait to start applying all that I have learned and start getting better results for my clients!

Marina B.
very interesting

good, I learned a lot and it was fun.

look forward to the results can hardly wait to offer the service at home give some women a more self-confident life

Victoria Adams
Fantastic Training

After recently training with Lisa in Dry Tattooing and also Saline Removal I can honestly say I was really impressed with both courses. Great structure to the courses and very informative. Lisa is excellent at explaining in detail, and is very patient if you have a thousand questions like myself. Not only were the courses exceptional, Lisa is a great person who I got along with very well. After the course Lisa is always on hand to answer any questions and give guidance. The manuals provided by Lisa are also fantastic as they contain the whole course content so there's no need to worry about forgetting anything as the manuals are great for jogging your memory.

Highly Recommend!


I travelled from thessaloniki to manchester and it deserved!Lisa is an excellent teacher and she taught me the art of dry tattoo!very satisfied and also i trained in real models.I really enjoyed it and i am very happy for my decision because it s something with excellent results.I highly reommended.

zoi Daouka

I traveled all the way from Thessaloniki Greece...to Manchester just to participate to Lisa's dry tattooing seminar. Believe me it's worthy... I am very satisfied with her knowledge and with her ability to transmit them. Many supporting after the course... I am very happy for my new part of my job...very helpful to my clients

Precise skin stimulation
What is Dry Tattooing?

Dry Tattooing microneedling is used to reduce scars, stretch marks, burns or deep lines and wrinkles. We use a digital tattoo machine, working at needle depths up to 1.5mm

The treatment has been known within the medical community for almost 30 years as MCA Micro Needling, Collagen Induction Therapy and more.

Today we might know the treatment as the Inkless Method. However for both clients and professionals, it’s still relatively unheard of to use a tattoo machine to improve scars and stretch marks, with needling pens and rollers mostly used

Want to find out more? Schedule a call with Lisa today!

Dry Tattooing Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment
Advanced skin treatments
MCA Micro Needling

After my initial skin needling training in 2013, I didn't like the term MCA Micro Needling, and researched around the world for what better name to call this treatment. I saw that one or two techs said MCA was also known as Dry Tattooing or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), but in fact no-one was calling the treatment Dry tattooing, so I decided to!

Under the name Dry Tattooing the public, and techs around the world, either wanted to have a treatment, or learn how to do it from me. Early 2015 I began offering Dry Tattooing training, having already carried out 250+ treatments on clients. For me, this is an advanced medical needling treatment, and I required students to have permanent makeup experience

realities & possibilities
Why did this work?

Being a curious kind of person, and wanting my clients to know I was as invested as them in the results we could achieve, I learned a lot, quickly!

Clients with stretch marks were booking a course of 3 treatments with me, and as Dry Tattooing appointments can be several hours, we chatted, they shared, I learned. Why did one client gets results quicker than another... patterns developed

Realising this helped me prepare clients for possible results, and how we could help their skin get the best results

I'll be sharing this knowledge during my Dry Tattooing Masterclass, and why this knowledge is also valuable to anyone offering treatments to improve scars and stretch marks

Dry Tattooing Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment
Dry Tattooing Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment
A last resort, not first
skin camouflage treatments

This photo shows results I was able to achieve naturally, with one dry tattooing treatment. No camouflage pigment was used

Yes, tattoo pigments have evolved over the years, and are now less likely to fade to the pink, russet, orange and yellow colours we used to see, but pigment colours still change over the years, and what was once a good colour match, ends up looking less so

Tattooing skin coloured pigments to hide these superficial, barely indented stretch marks has unfortunately become the norm

Shiny white stretch marks can easily and naturally repigment for many clients. Let me explain how!

working on fresh scars
Scar prevention

Wanting to have a fully rounded treatment offering, I needed to check truths and bust a few myths about skin healing, and when to offer treatments for best results

It comes down to a basic understanding of what we're doing with these skin needling treatments. You'll spot I don't get very technical, that's because my learning was hands on, with instincts based on logic and theories, plus respecting a client enough to share my reasoning with them, allowing them to give an informed consent to any treatment

Again coming back to how I learned the realities and possibilities of this treatment, applying much of this knowledge into developing Botched Ink, the serum and training

Dry Tattooing Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment

Scroll back up and book your seat!

My Dry Tattooing Masterclass offers an invaluable opportunity for technicians already certified in skin needling treatments for scars and stretch marks, to elevate their expertise. With my extensive experience and deep understanding of damaged skin, gained from 1000s treatments on many 100s of clients (we like returning clients!), you can expect expert tips and practical insights

The masterclass covers a comprehensive range of topics, including different skin needling devices, handling various types of scars and stretch marks, different skin types and colours, and optimizing treatment outcomes through pre-care and aftercare strategies

I'm here to make sure you walk away feeling confident and empowered in your skills. With an emphasis on naturally repigmenting scars and stretch marks as a first option, debunking some myths surrounding skin healing and scarring, we can ensure a holistic understanding and application of skin needling techniques

Overall, this masterclass is a must for technicians seeking to refine their understanding of scar and stretch mark treatments, enabling superior treatment outcomes for their clients

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