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Visit our Find a Tech Map. We can also help with emergency saline removal near me! Botched Ink removes fresh and old microblading and permanent makeup pigment 🤩

Which is the Best Removal Method?

The best removal method is the one that consistently gets good results, and is the most comfortable during a treatment, making you happier about returning for another! The best removal method must also leave the skin in a condition that's able to be reworked if the client wants fresh new brows after!

Saline tattoo removal is the most popular cosmetic tattoo removal method, but so is basic salt and saline! I’ll explain the impact of this statement in the next section

100s of Botched Ink techs and their clients, believe that Botched Ink is the best removal method. Whichever method you choose, allow the technician 3 sessions before you make any success or failure decisions. Tattoo removal is a process

Also consider that it's always Botched Ink first, laser second if you change your mind. Laser draws pigment into the skin, Botched Ink draws it out!

Products Available for Saline Tattoo Removal

Much of the info I’m sharing with you is info we share with professionals. I feel it’s only right to share with you as well, giving you an understanding of the removal products available to professionals, and indeed the choices available when offering professional saline tattoo removal treatments. The different types of products available needs some explaining

There are home remedies like basic salt and liquid saline, supplier brands (think of a big shop that puts their label on products made under their name) offering kits with a variety of solutions based on salt and saline; this kit may be just a bottle or jar of salt and a bottle of saline with a fancy label, check the ingredients!

And then there’s the specialist recognised brands with their own solutions developed specifically for tattoo removal, with additional ingredients added to remove tattoos faster and easier than ever before! Botched Ink is a recognised removal brand around the world!

The Quick Truth!

Only Botched Ink restricts sales to our officially trained technicians, all other saline removal products are sold to anyone to wants to purchase. This is the reason generic saline tattoo removal training and treatments are so well known, but training standards and the products used vary wildly!

Treatment Reviews by Clients

I'm thrilled with the results - I’ve been coming to Liz for a course of treatments in Botched Ink tattoo removal to remove the salmon pink pigment left over from old brow work and I am thrilled with the results! It has practically all disappeared and I’m back to my original flesh colour, salmon pink free. If like me, you’re looking for a new start, I highly recommend this treatment. It takes time, but really worth persevering with. Huge thank you Liz for all your work - Thanks to Liz Parkes Foley and her client

I'd highly recommend this treatment - I had my eyebrows microbladed around 8 months ago by another beautician, unfortunately I ended up with uneven brows and was really quite unhappy, with my wedding not long away I was desperate to do something! I found Michelle online after researching Botched Ink. Michelle was so thorough and professional I felt completely at ease which was great as I was quite reluctant to let anymore touch them! … I didn’t feel any pain for the treatment just light pressure, a slight sting towards the end but completely bearable! I was given through after care advice and Michelle checked in with me on how things were going. I’ve now had 2 treatments and I’m so happy with the results - just in time for my wedding! I’ve going for one more after my wedding to lighten those last areas. My only regret was not finding Michelle sooner! I’d highly recommend this treatment for anyone unhappy with their semi permanent brows - Thanks to Michelle MacMillan and her client

Cannot believe how much they have faded - After deciding that my microbladed brows not only needed the colour redoing but also reshaping, I have now had 2 procedures of Botched Ink in order to remove the old ink & start afresh. I have to say that after these 2 treatments I cannot believe how much they have faded, I am so pleased! Yes, the actual procedure is slightly uncomfortable/stingy but this isn't for long (less than an hour). I have found the after care so easy & am now looking forward to getting some new brows! Fiona has made the process so far as relaxing & gentle as possible & its clear that she wants the best for her clients with the very best end results she can possibly achieve! - Thanks to Fiona Shoults and her client

100x better than it was - I came in for (Botched Ink) a little over a week ago & wanted to reach out & thank you!! The outline around my left brow has softened substantially. There’s still some remaining spots but it’s 100x better than it was before the removal - Thanks to Quyen Nguyen and her client

I finally feel like I'm on the right road for getting the perfect brows - Can’t thank you enough Jess! My first appointment for Botched Ink microblading tattoo removal was nowhere as painful as I had expected it to be and am looking forward to seeing the results! - Thanks to Jessie Pile and her client

So pleased with the results - Had my brows sorted by Tricia, old work removed with Botched Ink sessions then brows made over. I’m so pleased with the results would recommend to anyone - Thanks to Tricia Blythe and her client

Botched Ink Reviews by Professionals

Shocked at how well this product worked - The packaging makes so much sense. I love the single use packets. I have used this product twice now, on the same lady. The second session she barely had any pigment remaining, I was shocked at how well this product truly worked!!! I was sceptical after seeing so many great results, thinking that this product can’t possibly be real, well it is & I am floored. I am so happy I found this & so will all my future clients - Sheena Dykstra

I'm really amazed by this product - I’ve been providing saline removal treatments for some time, but when I did my conversion training and moved to Botched Ink, I couldn’t believe the difference! Faster results, less pain for the client and visual changes immediately. This product is fabulous and I’m thoroughly pleased with it. Thanks Lisa! I’m a true BI convert - Penny Theobald

Botched Ink really, really delivers - Absolutely the best Saline Tattoo Lightning/Removal product out there. I have been certified by 3 companies in the past 4 years and have been tattooing much longer. I can confidently say Botched Ink really, really delivers - Mari Lifrieri

The product is a step above... - Botched Ink ingredients and technique were important to me as I place skin health first before beauty and money - Karen Green

This product WORKS! - I had been using the salt and aloe vera method before Lisa Henning developed Botched Ink. What a God send this has been! No more salt everywhere, its clean, easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. I have seen brows lighten straight away. This product WORKS! Great product and well done Lisa you've revolutionised saline tattoo removal! - Sue Leinster

Great product, great training, amazing support! - I found adding this service to my treatments very beneficial, I was always turning clients away with previous work that I’m now able to help. I’m awaiting some results back but some of my clients are on their second removal and are very happy with their results so far. The packaging itself is compact and great so nothing is wasted. It’s also a great price. The training itself was very in-depth and the after support has been amazing. Always there to answer questions and help in any way. Lisa is a great trainer as well as support network. I’m so happy I chose Lisa Henning training with Botched Ink! Thank you! - Kelly Fellows

What Kind of Training is Available?

You've already read about the different types of saline tattoo removal products, there's also different types of training professionals can take. It's worth understanding as they can affect the results you'll achieve!

There are two types of saline removal training

Brand specific training

Botched Ink is a recognised removal brand and we have our own official training course. Only Botched Ink techs can purchase our removal solution as they've been trained how to use it properly. Other brands may have their own training course, but still allow anyone to purchase their product, even if they took a generic training course!

We don't just teach our Botched Ink techs how to do a treatment safely, we teach them how to get the best results! They understand skin and the tattoos they're working on, they know how to do a thorough consultation and offer the best advice and treatment plan. Botched Ink techs also have our full ongoing support and advice in our exclusive tech support group

A generic saline tattoo removal course, where various products or brands are discussed

A generic saline tattoo removal course cannot possibly teach a technician how to get the best results from the products used, as they cannot infringe the copyright of official training courses by teaching the brand specific method or knowledge

Botched Ink has a Worldwide trademark for the product and training. Generic removal trainers cannot discuss or use our product on their own course. Unfortunately not all removal brands have protected themselves in this way, leaving techs and clients vulnerable to those without training and less removal knowledge

Botched Ink training

Check who Trained your Removal Tech!

I don’t know if you’re going to quite believe what I’m about to say…

Some microblading and permanent makeup technicians are taking a generic saline tattoo removal online course that’s priced at less than $10 USD!!

I wonder if that reflects in the price these techs are charging their clients, and if the knowledge they gained allows them to be the best removal technicians they can be - Or would you get what they paid for! It’s quite scary really

The demand for saline tattoo removal treatments and training has become huge this past couple of years, and my best efforts are in educating you, the clients who seek out or are in need of this treatment that I love, and have hugely invested in. Clients deserve the results they hope for, and honestly, if standards were on the rise, there’d be no need for me to share all this information with you!


In conclusion, the quest for the best removal method for cosmetic tattoos hinges on a combination of factors: effectiveness, comfort during treatment, and the ability to leave the skin in a reworkable condition. While saline tattoo removal, including basic salt and saline solutions, remains popular, the emergence of specialist brands like Botched Ink has reshaped the landscape

Client testimonials and professional reviews underscore the efficacy of Botched Ink, highlighting its ability to deliver remarkable results with minimal discomfort. Moreover, the significance of proper training cannot be overstated, as it not only ensures safe and effective procedures but also maximizes outcomes

As the demand for saline tattoo removal continues to surge, discerning clients are encouraged to inquire about their technician's training and the products used, prioritizing quality and expertise for optimal results. Ultimately, informed decisions and high standards within the industry are essential to meet the expectations of clients seeking transformative outcomes.

Lisa Henning owner of Botched Ink saline solution

The Author: Lisa Henning

Lisa Henning is the owner and developer of Botched Ink, an industry leading saline removal brand offering comprehensive training, online and in-person, and our exclusive Botched Ink® saline removal solution. Contact Lisa directly on Instagram, Facebook, or by Email