The Ultimate Body Tattoo Removal Workshop

This workshop is for existing Botched Ink® technicians using the machine method.  There is no stand alone course.  If you're new to Botched Ink® you'll need to complete our beginner training first, learning how to remove microblading, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation Botched Ink® Training Course


Pre-Approval required.  Botched Ink® technicians need to be approved before you can purchase this course, fill out our application form here - Body Tattoo Removal Workshop Application Form

Next date by group agreement in May 2021, via Zoom.  As an existing Botched Ink® Technician, you already know all about Botched Ink® and how it works, this workshop is to delve into the more complex theory behind removing pigment from the body

Botched Ink® The Ultimate Body Tattoo Removal Workshop  

Why offer body tattoo removal ?

  • You'll be able to help clients whose tattoos cannot be removed by laser
  • And help clients who've had laser tattoo removal and been left with remaining pigment laser cannot break down
  • Finally, a really exciting benefit it that you can help clients who've been scared by laser tattoo removal, as Botched Ink® improves scar tissue and still removes remaining pigment 

During this course you'll learn how to safely and effectively remove:

  • Traditional body tattoos (small to medium sized)
  • Laser damaged tattoos and associated scarring
  • Skin camouflage tattoos (including from scars and stretch marks)
  • BB Glow (facial treatment)

You'll also learn how to:

  • Read different skin types on the body
  • Remove pigment from different areas of the body
  • Advise your client how to prevent problematic healing

What's included ?

  • Online workshop via Zoom, lasting up to 5 hours
  • Model demo treatment (recorded)
  • Training manual
  • Client forms
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Facebook Body Tattoo Removal support group
  • Listing on our find a Technician map

    The machine you use for PMU may not be suitable for body tattoo removal, see below for more info

    Lisa Henning (owner of Botched Ink®) is your trainer for this course.  With 8 years experience Dry Tattooing scars and stretch marks, who better to show you how to remove bad or unwanted tattoo pigment from the body safely

    To consider before booking this course...

    The majority of clients who approach wanting body tattoo removal, have tattoos that are unsuitable for non-laser tattoo removal ?  It takes an experienced tech to say no, when a client is really wanting your help, but saying yes would be not in their best interests

    The tattoo may be too big, too solid, the client wants the tattoo gone, not just lightened and reworked.  The placement of the tattoo may be difficult to heal, hands, lower legs, chest, and areas where the scab and clothes will rub, potentially causing scarring.  Then there's areas that need regular washing, making healing even more problematic

    Eyebrow tattoo removal is pretty risk free (if the client follows correct aftercare), but on the body, even with the clients best efforts, problems are more likely to occur and we need to share this information with our Botched Ink® trained technicians

    On the body healing is slower, and the pigment most likely deeper than you're used to working.  Some skin types and areas take several months to return to a normal colour, during this time a client may think you've caused scarring.  Do you have experience seeing and working on many different bodies, making you more considered which areas are less risky

    And you'll probably need a new tattoo machine, as most PMU machines are unsuitable for body tattoo removal.  You'll need a high powered machine with a needle stroke of 4mm.  You'd give an ineffective treatment if the needle cannot make holes to the pigment depth

    Body tattoo removal is where many removal brands start getting a bad name, so we will be selective who we approve to use and promote they offer Botched Ink® removal on the body