The Ultimate Body Tattoo Removal Training Course

>>> Currently developing an online training course <<<

This course is for existing Botched Ink® technicians using the machine method only.  If you're new to Botched Ink® you'll need to complete our beginner training first, learning how to remove microblading, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation Botched Ink® Training Course

Botched Ink® The Ultimate Body Tattoo Removal Training Course 

During this course you'll learn how to safely and effectively remove:
  • Traditional body tattoos (small to medium sized)
  • Skin camouflage tattoos (including from scars and stretch marks)
  • BB Glow (facial treatment)

What's included ?

    Body tattoo removal training includes demonstration, practical, theory and presentation.  Your existing permanent makeup machine may not be suitable for body tattoo removal.  Machine not included

    Lisa Henning (owner of Beautiful Ink and Botched Ink®) is your trainer for this course.  With 7 years experience tattooing scars and stretch marks, who better to show you how to remove bad or unwanted tattoo pigment from the body