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Credit: Perfect Strokes by Glencora

My client first approached me early in 2019 wishing to have me work over her brows as she was unhappy with the work she had. She's had the Microblading in 2018 and felt that her brows had further increased her insecurities and confidence. Not in a position to pay a huge amount I decided to just take her on as a client at some of my own time and expense as I was sure I could eventually give her better brows but that the only way to achieve that was by lightening and lifting the existing work our first using the Botched Ink removal process.

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal results

I explained it would take time and that I wanted to get her brows to a point where whatever was left was faded enough to Work over and give her new brows. In total she had 4 sessions of removal. After the 3rd session we did get to a point where I could have worked over what was left but I decided to do one more session and I’m so pleased we did.

Not only did we manage to completely lift and remove all of the old pigment but also helped improve the scaring that she had been left with from the previous work. We finally managed to give her new brows recently and both my client and myself were over the moon with the finished results.

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal results

Botched ink is an incredible product, but it is so important to manage your clients expectations. It’s not a quick process as the length of time between treatments is quite specific, but done correctly it really can give your clients the brows they should have had the first time round. It really is worth the wait and perseverance

Perfect Strokes by Glencora Microblading Shropshire

Credit: Perfect Strokes by Glencora

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