Combining Botched Ink Saline & Laser Tattoo Removal for PMU Eyebrows

I love a combination removal, particularly if the microblading or permanent makeup eyebrows are dark and saturated, or have any scarring

More PMU techs are starting to offer laser tattoo removal, or have teamed up with a friendly laser tech who understands brow pigments and how Botched Ink treatments work. Not all laser techs understand or work on brows, you rarely see a brown tattoo. Brown pigment is a blend ⚫🔴🌕, not a colour 😐

Botched Ink first, laser second, if it's still needed and mainly black pigment remains ⚫. Botched Ink removes all colours in brown pigment, each session, so no funky coloured brows! 🔴🟠🌕

Eyebrow pigments contain ⚫🔴🌕, plus any modifying 🟠. No professional would tattoo neat black brows, even if that's how they look on the outside

Techs Talk

Joining me in this video are 3 PMU techs, who are also Botched Ink and laser removal specialists. The main video is 50 minutes of high value condensed content!

Topics covered in this video are: How many treatments. Laser removal result photos. Laser patch test. Laser removing colours, black, red, yellow, orange, white and green. Yellow brows after laser. Combining removal treatments. Laser is easier after Botched Ink®. Teaming up with a laser tech

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