Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

With so many different types of eyebrow tattoo removal to consider, laser, saline and other non-laser solutions, it's worth understanding the removal process a little better. And we're here to help if you need any advice or emergency tattoo removal

Talk to your eyebrow tattoo artist first

If you're considering eyebrow tattoo removal work on unwanted tattoo ink on your brow tattoos, it's worth talking to the eyebrow tattoo artist who carried out the initial treatment

Having tattooed eyebrows is a two part procedure, and if the colors needs more dark pigments or the shape needs some some tweaking with extra shape, like your want slightly thicker eyebrows, this can be fixed on the touch up session

However if the color is darker than you want, of the brow tattoos are the wrong shape and need to be changed completely, we can effectively remove the unwanted tattoo ink with Botched Ink saline tattoo removal as soon as possible!

A fresh tattoo tends to be easier to remove - We call this emergency removal

Emergency tattoo removal eyebrow tattoo removal microblading disaster

Emergency Tattoo Removal

If your tattoo is fresh, within the first 48 hours and no scabbing has formed, get in touch with a Botched Ink technicians for an emergency removal session

Exclusively to Botched Ink, we can also help as soon as the scab from the eyebrow tattoo has naturally healed off, no other removal brand can do this. Our removal solution and method allows us to do this for our clients

Please do not pick or try home removal DIY eyebrow tattoo removal treatments, this will cause inflammation, irritation, wetness and probably infection, all causing us to delay helping!

Permanent makeup removal

Your artist may offer eyebrow tattoo removal, but do check the type of solution that's being used, as some are very harsh on the skin, especially on the sensitive skin during the healing and if the area hasn't completely healed

Cosmetic tattoo artists often say that brow tattoos will get fade by about 50% if you follow aftercare instructions, but that's not always true. Many tattoo pigments last for years, and not all tattoos are semi permanent. For these clients an eyebrow tattoo removal procedure is the best option to remove unwanted tattoo ink

How long does it take for eyebrow tattoo to go away?

Brow tattoos with permanent makeup pigments are considered cosmetic tattoos. The treated area directly after the initial treatment will look darker than you want as the color is mixed with freshly tattooed skin, which looks shades of blood red. The red gets darker as it dries in the skin, and the pigments are essentially still wet in the skin

Over the next few days, and when the area is completely healed in the coming weeks, the skin is no longer red, and the pigment has now dried in the skin and you can see a color change. Some types of pigment look softer and more powdery in the skin, but others don't look much different to when they were freshly tattooed

If your healed brows are much darker than expected, you will need to consider the eyebrow tattoo removal process and which type of tattoo removal is best for you and the type of pigments used in your eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoo removal professional treatments and training

DIY Home Tattoo Removal

Can I get rid of my new eyebrow tattoo with salt scrubs / bleach / glycolic acid (or some other chemical I found to use on Google), I need them gone quick!

Please do not attempt a DIY tattoo removal treatment on your eyebrow tattoos. Unwanted tattoos are very difficult to live with, but we'd always advise you get in touch with a trained eyebrow tattoo removal specialist to get you not only the best results with an effective removal treatment

Eyebrow tattoo removal specialists will preserve your skin without causing increase bleeding, avoid scarring and in fewer sessions. Botched Ink saline removal is considered 'good stuff' by trained professionals and their clients!

If you're looking to get new eyebrow tattoos after tattoo removal treatment, you really do need to consider this a priority and ask your technician how to prevent and avoid scarring caused by some removal methods

Eyebrow tattoo removal with glycolic acid

Glycolic acid tattoo removal is essentially an un-neutralised skin peel with an acidic low pH removal solution, and all the inflammation and irritation that goes along with this. Glycolic acid dissolves the cement that holds skin flakes together, thus the skin peels off

When a glycolic solution is tattooed into unwanted tattoo ink, not only is the ink removed, but so is the surrounding skin. Problems with the fresh skin healing with scarring are very common

Eyebrow tattoo removal with alkaline solutions

Alkaline tattoo removal solutions tend to be a creamy white powder, made up of different oxide powders with an alkaline high pH. This also causes inflammation and irritation to the skin

These alkaline powders form a hard clump of powder when tattooed into unwanted tattoos, attaching the clump to the tattoo ink particles. As this hard clump heals out during the healing process, it becomes a difficult and unsightly scab to manage

If the scab comes off too soon, scarring will occur and anti inflammatory drugs may be needed to sooth the area

Some tattoo removal brands have even combined glycolic acid and alkaline powers with other ingredients for a very harsh eyebrow tattoo removal procedure. The unwanted tattoo ink may completely remove, but what on earth condition is the skin left in!

Saline Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Vs. Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

In comparison with laser tattoo removal, saline removal has been widely used for decades to remove unwanted eyebrow tattoos. Cosmetic tattoo pigments are shades of brown, containing black, white, red, yellow and green

Laser tattoo removal has difficulty with several of these colours, most easily removing the black, exposing then the other colors, usually red becomes visible, so you'd have red eyebrow tattoos until the reduced in how many sessions?

Salt and saline DIY home eyebrow tattoo removal disaster get rid

Saline tattoo removal is more effective for permanent makeup removal

Saline eyebrow tattoo removal also removes black eyebrow tattoos, and if you ever consider combining with a laser treatment, always Botched Ink first, laser tattoo removal second. If other colors are revealed during the removal process, it might be that laser eyebrow tattoo removal isn't suitable for you

If your eyebrows are very dark and only contain black, a combination of a few sessions of Botched Ink will make the laser treatment more gentle and more likely to preserve eyebrow hairs. Botched Ink draws the pigment to the surface as it removes, making the laser tattoo removal job easier

It's worth asking your removal technician if they offer a free consultation, online, over the phone or in person

Saline tattoo removal is less painful than laser eyebrow tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal uses laser light on the unwanted tattoo ink, the sensation may be painless or intolerable depending on the area of the the body and the technicians skill and quality of laser machine

Compared with saline tattoo removal, this is often a mild sting sensation that most individuals find only a slight discomfort. Though not all saline eyebrow tattoo removal solutions are the same. Some saline solution has a very low pH which burns, others have a method that needs multiple passes to push enough saline solution into the skin

Botched Ink is one pass and lots of soaking, with a skin friendly pH of 5.5

Botched Ink vs Laser eyebrow tattoo removal

When comparing Botched Ink to laser removal aftercare, the skin surface after the procedure feels quite similar. Other types of saline eyebrow tattoo removal and non-laser removal solutions have a different effect on the skin and the skin mustn't get wet, avoid high pressure water and sun exposure

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal uses light energy which feels like an elastic band snapping the ink particles, or bacon grease splashing. The more in particles and the darker they are, the more heat and discomfort is created by laser light on the undesired ink. Proper eye protection is needed with laser eyebrow tattoo removal, and most clients want to avoid shaving their eyebrow hair

With either removal method, multiple removal sessions are required to

Eyebrow tattoo removal professional treatments and training near me

Small vs Large Tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is great for larger tattoos while saline removal is ideal for smaller ones

If your bigger tattoo has a large black or dark hue laser Tattoo Removal can be done easily. For small, subtle tattoos, saline is more efficient than laser treatment in fading and exfoliating it. You'll need to wear eye protection during a laser eyebrow tattoo removal procedure

Saline tattoo removal and laser removal have a similar healing processes

When you are doing laser or saline eyebrow tattoo removal, it will be best to allow it to heal completely after treatment. The treated area for either method takes 8 to 12 weeks before another removal treatment can be carried out

Keep following the aftercare instructions given by your removal technician during the eyebrow tattoo removal process

Saline may be a better choice if you have dark or sensitive skin

With saline tattoo treatments the chances of scarring are lower than with lasers. The skin is very soft too. Any redness or swelling usually dissipates over several days or weeks, and it has less swelling or pain compared to laser treatments

Keep your skin properly hydrated and book a free consultation so your technician can advise any pre-care before starting eyebrow tattoo removal. This is particularly important for clients dark skin that's also dry, we don't want to cause hyperpigmentation during the eyebrow tattoo removal process of unwanted tattoo ink

Botched Ink eyebrow tattoo removal

The following FAQs apply to Botched Ink microblading and eyebrow tattoo removal treatments

If you visit a technician using a different saline solution, these answers are unlikely to apply. Have a look at our Expert Guide for Clients to see why

Eyebrow tattoo removal Botched Ink

What is Botched Ink?

It’s a type of tattoo removal solution used for an eyebrow tattoo removal treatment. Our saline solution is used to lift, improve and remove bad or unwanted tattoo ink from microblading, cosmetic tattoos, permanent makeup (eyebrows and lip liner) or scalp micropigmentation

The excellent results our trained and professional technicians have achieved can be seen on our website, listing their location and contact details

You'll immediately be feeling confident rather than scared, sad or blue when you get in touch with a Botched Ink eyebrow tattoo removal specialist

Who makes Botched Ink?

We do! Botched Ink is our own eyebrow tattoo removal solution, manufactured and wholly owned by us. We also wrote the in-depth training course, and exclusively supply to our trained removal specialists. You'll be able to find a local eyebrow tattoo removal technician on our tech map

How does Botched Ink remove eyebrow tattoos?

Botched Ink is an advanced professional only salt and saline tattoo removal solution. Uniquely, we added some other ingredients to help the skin dry our super quick, within an hour in most cases!

So when Botched Ink is implanted into a tattooed area, the skin containing pigment also dries out, removing it during the skins natural healing process. Each time a treatment is out, more pigment is removed, it doesn't matter if the pigment is deep or superficial, it'll work!

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Will I feel anything?

For most of the treatment, you will feel no discomfort. Towards the end you’ll feel a short and mild sting, this is good, and we want you to feel it as this tells us Botched Ink has soaked in sufficiently and the skin will dry out quickly

With Botched Ink we have adjusted the pH to a skin friendly 5.5, other types of salt removal feel like an eye-watering burn. Until Botched Ink came along, saline tattoo removal was a notoriously uncomfortable treatment

Which is best, hand tool or machine method?

Botched Ink was formulated to soak into the skin really easily using either method to gently make needle holes. We use professional numbing cream prior to starting, so you barely know this is happening and it’s likely to feel nicer than a microblading or permanent makeup treatment!

Do I need to shave my brows off?

Thankfully no you don’t. During an eyebrow tattoo removal procedure we can easily work alongside your eyebrow hair, and you may even find Botched Ink wakes up dormant hair follicles that were trapped in any scar tissue from microblading or permanent makeup.

How long does the eyebrow tattoo removal process take?

Actual hands on treatment time is about 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of eyebrows we’re working on. Add to this numbing cream and consultation time

How many sessions and how long the whole eyebrow tattoo removal process takes is an unknown. We need to pace sessions to preserve the area for future tattooing, so depending on how much unwanted tattoo needs removing, this may be 6 months to a couple of years before new work can be added

How many treatments will I need?

During your initial consultation we take a thorough history of your tattoo, how many treatments and top ups you’ve had, when was the last treatment etc. This helps us understand your tattoo and skin better and advise

As a guide, we always recommend a client mentally and financially commits to a course of 3 treatments, then we can assess how easily the pigment is removing and form the next plan.

Botched Ink eyebrow tattoo removal professional training

How quickly can I have treatments?

If it’s a fresh tattoo we call this an Emergency Removal!

The sooner you decide you want to start removal treatments the better, within 48 hours is ideal, though if the area has started to dry out and heal, we need to wait a few days for the scab to naturally heal off, and then we can start treatments

Please never attempt any DIY tattoo removal treatments yourself, and no picking! This will delay when we can work on you

My eyebrow tattoos are really saturated, will it still work?

Yes definitely. Please accept that the pigment will be compacted and may well have some scarring, but this is OK as the first couple of Botched Ink treatments will get the skin improving and pigment removing

Will I have thick ugly scabs?

Uniquely for saline tattoo removal, Botched Ink dries out skin so super quickly that it doesn't have time to start its natural wound healing response; this means you don't get a traditional type of scab

A Botched Ink scab is a dried out skin and pigment scab, it even looks brown for many people!

Is there eyebrow tattoo removal aftercare to follow?

Yes, it’s really simple and will be covered during your consultation. You just need to put one application of the aftercare we supply, 48 hours after treatment, and that’s it! Botched Ink is unique that we can start aftercare quickly, meaning a more comfortable healing for you!

Eyebrow tattoo removal professional procedure treatment near me

When can I put makeup on after a treatment?

When the scab has naturally healed off, though still be careful with some modern or high coverage foundations and creams containing actives; the skin will be baby new and still healing, needing gentle care!

Put the wrong product on this healing skin and you’re likely to cause irritation, redness, bumpiness and itching, this can become quite a problem.

Will I see pigment coming out?

This tends to happen on fresh pigment removals or very superficially implanted pigment. You may see some acid or alkaline removal solutions showing a brown substance on the skin or cotton pad, but this is most likely blood that's been turned brown.

Why have my eyebrows changed colour over the years?

Pigments change and degrade over the months and years, there’s many reasons including body acids, pigment oxidation, sun and environmental changes. It’s kind of like when you colour your hair, a permanent change was made, but that still fades and changes over time.

I had my eyebrows tattooed 10 years ago using tattoo ink, will Botched Ink work on mine?

Yes definitely. It may even be easier to remove as tattoo ink requires less (if any) top ups, so you’ll have less pigment in your skin.

How do I prepare for Eyebrow Tattoo Removal?

We advise that you budget financially and emotionally for 3 eyebrow tattoo removal treatments. That's not saying the tattoo will be gone in 3 sessions, but you and your technician will be able to judge better how easily the cosmetic tattoos removing

Some pigments are more stubborn than others, and the tattoo may be deep in the skin or more superficial. And of course there may have been multiple touch up procedures which will have faded differently over the years

Botched Ink really can help remove old pigment, allowing your technician to give you the pretty new brows you've been wanting!


  • Laser tattoo removal isn't the best method for eyebrow tattoos

  • Eyebrow tattoo removal is a multi treatment process

  • Black is the easiest colour for laser tattoo removal

  • Black is the easiest colour for saline eyebrow tattoo removal

  • Other colors are in cosmetic tattoo pigments

  • These other colours aren't best for laser tattoo removal treatment

  • Permanent makeup removal is best with Botched Ink saline solution

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